Robbie Keane unleashes furious anger on Sepp Blatter and Michel Platini

Ollie Irish

19th, November 2009



Robbie Keane has never been afraid to speak his mind. On the pitch, off the pitch – he’s a very mouthy fella, by nature. So it’s no surprise that he has spoken out strongly about last night’s exit at the hands – literally – of the French. He told the BBC:

“They’re all probably clapping hands, [Michel] Platini sitting up there on the phone to Sepp Blatter, probably texting each other, delighted with the result.”

And on the Thierry Henry handball:

“He [Henry] nearly caught it, so it’s a bit of a killer. When you see the reaction of the players, Shay [Given] especially, he’s two yards away from it. You don’t get a reaction like that if he’s not sure it’s a handball. He almost caught it and ran into the net with it.”

And on FIFA being a bunch of manipulative eejuts:

“Germany had a chance of being in the [play-offs] as well. With two massive countries there’s no way in a million years is there going to be fair draw.”

Good old Keano, telling it like it is. Be interesting to see if the authorities turn a blind eye to his comments.

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  1. Adolfo Maier says:

    In my opinion, the irish should ask for a play-off on a neutral ground (maybe in Karthoum, like Ageria-Egypt)

  2. MattyDub says:

    Nothing will happen. after all, FIFA is a French organisation. And by seeding the play-offs it was obvious they wanted to favour the bigger teams. good on Slovenia though!!

  3. Hirsty says:

    I completely agree with him. FIFA is a complete joke run by clowns (stand up Jack Warner!) who have no real interest in furthering the games. Three of the most high ranking officials are from Trinidad, Korea, and Tahiti. They are all a bunch of corrupt pseudo-politicians who constantly change the rules on a whim to ensure that the biggest teams qualify thereby generating more revenue. Remember when they took away an automatic qualification for Oceania countries? Then they go and change the playoffs and seed teams, what other reason could they have other than to make sure that Ronaldo, Henry and co all get there?

    The more and more I analyze FIFA the more disillusioned I get with the game at that level. I’m starting to really understand the fans who abandoned the professional game and only focus on the amateur and semi-pro leagues….

  4. devil_woman says:

    Ireland holds upper cards in the Americas because of MIGRATION.
    FIFA would like to be popular in America…
    So, here’s the bargain. Henry-disqualified. This would effectively be his last World Cup (not like he hasn’t won one before), like so many of the Irish players-he denied them, why should he have a chance?
    Bargain Chip 2: Ireland get automatic qualification in World Cup 2016. Call it an act of goodwill.
    Before you all call me a “stupid woman”, I am ANGRY. It’s Maradona all over again. Those who spend their time defending the referee, or Henry, should be aware that:
    1) Henry used to be good, but then a striker is only as good as his team. The fact that Henry felt it necessary to cheat speaks for itself.
    2) The referee had to be biased. I think Keano is right. Seeding is unfair-if the groups were seeded there would be uproar! When France started to look like losing last night, the referee pulled out the stops. Compare the amount of fouls and the amount of cards. It’s not right, is it?

  5. SC says:

    What are FIFA going to do to Keane? Suspend him from the next 20 international friendlies Ireland play? They won’t be playing a meaningful match for at least a year. Perhaps they can draw France in their Euro qualifying group.

  6. Adolfo Maier says:

    De♥il Woman, I love you

  7. D says:

    1. There is no World Cup on in 2016!
    2. The groups ARE seeded

  8. Bishop says:

    D, I love you

  9. alex says:

    thats a good point that was brought up, fifa will probably ignore it because they are a french organization…good call

  10. Ricardo says:

    When Italy won the world cup over France. Sepp Blatter never showed up to hand the world cup to Italy. That is his main job as the president and he wasn’t there. The uefa presidente had to give the world cup to Italy. When France won the world cup in 1998 Blatter wasn’t even the president yet but there he was all smiles celebrating with France.

  11. Omar says:

    @ devil_woman
    You are an idiot. He cheated. Big fucking deal. As if none of the Irish players would’ve done the same thing if they knew they’d get away with it. That’s why we have referees, if you wanna get mad at someone get mad at him because frankly the ref was the only person there that night that wasn’t doing what’s he gets paid to do. But to be honest, I’m not gonna shed any tears because the Irish didn’t make it to yet another world cup. Oh no, this was really their year, they could have made it all the way to the quarter finals again. Pfffft. No use whining for a team that would have gotten knocked out in the group stages anyways.

  12. devil_woman says:

    Like my granny used to say “Eaten bread is soon forgtten”. We Irish are used to being your lackies and your jesters; despite the football they played last night being of a World standard….
    Nah, it’s just dumb too have a dream, to aspire to be better..that is what you are telling me Omar, that we just shouldn’t have bothered turning up because France are such a formidable force in football?

    If they are soooo formidable, why were they in playoffs?

    And I am aware of the seeding process by FIFA. Worse teams have played than Ireland just because they were hosts.

  13. anonymous says:

    Omar was Henry getting paid to cheat,or to play football.Well he wasn’t playing football,more like handball.

  14. Ben says:

    I know what you’re saying, anonymous (if that is your real name), but the point is Henry, and all the rest of them, they’re not simply paid to play football, they’re paid to win football matches. Also, that kind of limp wristed technique wouldn’t get him far on a handball court…

  15. Seamus says:

    Fifa saying it would “cause chaos for football” if game to be replayed as it would affect everymatch in the future any time officals got a decision wrong….how stupid are they!!!??? Replay that game, get it sorted AND then, what everyone wants bring in video replay for refs so it cant affect the game again (and would mean no claims for futher games to be replayed!!)

  16. Mac says:

    How relived is Keane for the handball? takes the focus off him and Duff missing glorious chances to put them through in the first fucking place…

  17. […] is more successful as a coach than the great Michel Platini, under the guidance of whom France failed to win a single match at Euro […]

  18. I agree. Henry should have put his hand up and claimed the handball. Instead he chose his own self-interest over integrity and justice.

    Fifa must step in. Ireland was robbed. And in my opinion, thanks to Henry, football has just lost a bit of its soul.

  19. Andrea says:

    It’s a great shame for the whole France!

  20. claretblue says:

    1. FIFA did step in – when they fixed the play-offs with seeding.
    2. The linesman, not the referee, had clear sight of the offence.
    3. Never a chance of a replay, the result of the game had already been paid for (by Gillette) and FIFA don’t do refunds.
    4. When will there be a proper criminal investigation of the way FIFA is run? The “peoples game” is being run by a bunch of crooks, of which, the “people” had no vote in electing. FIFA do not OWN football but they think they do and they behave as if they are untouchable. Blatter hopes to win a Nobel Peace Prize before he retires! Seriously, and given the way he operates, he’ll probably get it!

  21. Dave says:

    I think this is a disgrace!!! Platini and his gang of rule breakers need to go. Infact a sport as big as football should be treated professionally. WHY IS THERE STILL NO VIDEO TECHNOLOGY WHICH WOULD PROVIDE AN ACCURATE ACCOUNT. Becuase this would exploit situation like Henrys the other night. And thus the french wouldn’t be going. This is the only sport still ruined by corrupt people. Why is this going on, where is our power as the people who pay to watch the sport. WHEN will football move forward from the dark ages. I guess when platini is moved from his pedestal. ITS A JOKE FOOTBALL IS BECOMING A JOKE.

  22. gk says:

    i agree with keano he is a legend

  23. Daisy Raskil says:

    Omar is a big kunt

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