Do Ireland deserve a replay against ‘Les Cheating Bleus’?

Ollie Irish

20th, November 2009



“You sure you don’t want a cup of tea, Shay? … Ah, go on go on go go on go on go on go on go on go on go on. Go on.”

So the nasty suits at Fifa have turned down the FAI’s request for a replay against France. A Fifa statement read: “The result will not be changed and cannot be replayed.”

The decision is no surprise – it would take a great deal of pressure from the French also to make a replay happen, and there’s nothing in it for them, apart from the undying respect and admiration of the football world (ahem).

Do you think Ireland deserve a replay, or should they get over it?

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  1. Hirsty says:

    Time to move on. No more articles about this please.

  2. Samy says:

    Hirsty, shut up

  3. Anonymous says:

    I agree with Hirstly

  4. WeeFree says:

    Ireland had benefited from a controversial penalty in their favour in a 2-1 qualifying win over Georgia.
    “I don’t remember the FAI after the game saying we should give them a replay. – Roy Keane

  5. kritter says:

    Even Keano (Roy) thinks they need to get over it

  6. Philando Torres says:

    No. Just like the diving issue, it would set a precedent UEFA and FIFA would struggle to manage. How often would teams demand replays after controversial incidents? Who would deem which cases had more merit than others? Would the bureaucracy involved wreak havoc on the fixture scheduling both internationally and donestically? Would clubs release their players to play a replay?

    Ireland deserved to go through, but they didn’t. I’m afraid that’s the way it will stay. Footy isn’t always fair.

  7. Danniel says:

    Things Happen!!! Sorry Ireland

  8. kaya says:

    If FIFA allowed this match to be re-played, this would essentially the first step in the slippery slope that ends in video replay.
    Everyone was dismayed at the way the result came about, but the overreaction by people is astounding. This was no different than the diving to earn PK’s to which we’ve all become accustomed.
    If Anelka had earned France a penalty with his play-acting a couple minutes prior to the handball, people would’ve wagged their fingers and gotten over it much easier.
    I still think the game should be replayed, and video replay should be investigated pronto. An intriguing question for me would then be the whole question of GK/player contact (as far as PK’s are concerned) and how vid replay would or could change.
    There are clearcut cases like N’gog’s dive for Liverpool where there was no contact, but for just one example of a gray area, I think on the replay of Anelka’s dive, there may have been some contact. Almost nobody would say that was a PK, but if technically there is contact, it’s debatable. My point being, you’ll never be able to eliminate the potential for “human error” (or bias?).
    Anyhow, it’s ultimately ridiculous for people pick out Henry as such a villain. If the ball bounced a couple centimeters further, it would’ve gone beyond all reach, a couple centimenters nearer, he might’ve been able to do it “the right way.” As it was, it bounced perfectly to his crafty little hand and he did what I’m sure any other professional footballer would’ve done. Don’t try and deceive yourselves into thinking your favorite footballer would take “the moral high road.”

  9. eamogomez says:

    as an irish fan at the game im obviouslt distraught but the game can never be replayed if it is where shud the line be drawn? we deserved to win and not 1 irish fan was bitter.

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