Republic of Ireland ask for place in African Cup of Nations

Ollie Irish

1st, December 2009



Yes, having been refused entry into the World Cup by Sepp Twatter, the shrewd fellas at the FAI have asked if, you know, there might be a spare place going at the African Cup of Nations in January. Please.

Well they do say the Irish are the blacks of Europe. (Not these days, of course – the politically correct brigade won’t allow it.)

Before you know it, Bono and The Corrs will be called in to serenade Blatter. To be sure.

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  1. Kipp says:

    According to the news, Bono has asked for FIFA to allow the Republic in. Fancy that.

  2. Reece says:

    I don’t believe anything will happen due to the fact that they have already said no. They wouldn’t change there mind if michael jackson came from the grave and asked them to allow the reply/allow them to join in at the world cup. How is 33 teams supposed to work, i bet they never actually thought anything through before just jumping ahead and saying it as a last resort. Yeah Henry did handball it in the box and they scored, blah blah blah. But he said he was sorry and he’s still a living legend in my eyes!

    If you remember the carling cup the other year, Chelsea v Tottenham was it? When woodgate scored. They were trying to say he pushed the goalkeeper to score the header, maybe he did but at the end of the day i don’t see anyone asking for a reply in that game, and that was big enough when a team like spurs who don’t win much were involved.

    Anyway, no offence to the irish people but it’s all stupid, it happen. They lost. They are not taking part in the World cup 2010. Just get over it and continue playing FRIENDLYS.

  3. Word says:

    Most Irish people are mortified by the carry on of the FAI.

    Shower of twats. Just like the author of this piece.

  4. alex says:

    michael jackson? too soon…. in all seriousness, they are trying too hard and fifa wont do it especially because they are a french organization

  5. Hirsty says:

    This is beyond ridiculous. At first I felt sorry for them, but their pathetic attempts to get any kind of scraps out of this have just become annoying. It was a handball, it happens all the time in football, get over it.

  6. Joe says:

    Hirsty’s right. Besides, France should have had a penalty earlier in the game, so that one evens out. What should be done is the introduction of video refereeing (why is it still not being worked on?) and a BIG ban for Henry. 3 competitive Internationals should do it. France won’t make it through the group as it is, let alone without their captain.

  7. eamogomez says:

    @ word. you d FAI are a shower of clueless fuckers bt at least this time they look stupid for the right reason, unlike saipan where der was jus no preperation or being money hungry cunts by sellin the rights to our friendly games to Sky sports, this time i can actually say there trying der best

  8. ned flanders says:

    Pleaaaaase shut up already.
    No one cares except the irish who love a good reason to moan and bitch.
    Even the italians werent this whiny when they got robbed by an offside in the asian World Cup.

    Sh*t happens. This isnt the first time something like that happened.
    When the Georgia-Ireland phantom PK happened where was this love of ‘fair play’?

    This is karma’s way at evening up the score.

    Besides, instead of seeing a talentless, dull irish team bore us for 3 games and out, they get to be all preachy about ‘what could have been’.

    NO ONE ever said before in a football sentence “You know, its a shame that Ireland wont be in the finals.”

    Lets not act like were all missing something great.


    Fair Play Committee for Replay of Georgia Game
    (join our Facebook group)

  9. Paddy says:

    Im Irish and im fuckin sick of hearin about it. im even more pissed off wit dat twat Delaney at the head of the FAI hes makin Ireland a laughing stock. even though we were robbed on the night we stil dont deserve to be goin to South Africa if we were anyway good we would have qualified 2 games before the end of the group stages. Time to let it go everybody…. but i stil want dat moneygrabbin fuck Delaney out

  10. Seán says:

    @ Paddy:

    if we were good enough we should qualified top of our group in the last 2 games?first of all,the world champions were in our group,we did very well to get to where we did.2nd,even if we had beaten italy in the 2nd last game,they only needed a point against cyprus at home,they would have got it,so dont give us this,that we werent good enough.we were the better team over the 2 legs against France,wheres the justice of “the better team won” there?

    also,Reece,you’re a cunt.

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