England lucky to be seeded for World Cup ahead of France and Portugal?

Ollie Irish

2nd, December 2009



A dry run for Friday’s World Cup draw in Cape Town [Photo: PA]

PHEW. England are one of the eight seeds for the 2010 World Cup, despite only being ranked ninth in the world. Fabio Capello, fix yourself a drink.

The list of eight seeds in full:

South Africa (hosts), Spain, Brazil, Italy, Germany, Argentina, England, Netherlands

Portugal and France, both ranked above England by FIFA, miss out, despite strong records in recent major tournaments – many people will feel that it’s a big plate of karma for the French (and I doubt they’ll dare to kick up a fuss given what happened in Paris last month), but C-Ron’s Portugal can count themselves a bit unlucky not to be seeded, even if they did make it to South Africa via the play-offs.


Apparently, England’s strong performance in qualifying was a factor in the decision, but with so many English fans set to give generously to the South African economy next summer, you have to wonder about the political nature of the seedings; in terms of revenue alone, a successful World Cup would mean England making it to the last eight at least, and now that they are seeded, there is a good chance of this happening.

Do you think England got lucky, or do they deserve to be one of the eight seeds?

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  1. Orange says:

    England are only ranked 9th in the rankings due to the disproportionate weight given to the playoff results, so teams like Portugal wound up earning more points finishing 2nd and winning the playoff than if they had won their group. This allowed France and Portugal to jump ahead.

    This is why FIFA opted to use the October rankings pre playoffs rather than the November rankings.

  2. HP says:

    England definitely should have been seeded. There isnt 8 teams better than them in the world cup. They qualified with two games to spare.

  3. Ala says:

    Still, though, this means France might be drawn in England’s group, doesn’t it? Terrifying.

  4. Hirsty says:

    And you just know it’s going to happen…

  5. kaya says:

    I think it’s more like Argentina who should count themselves lucky… though I do still think England are overrated.
    I think the US deserved the 8th spot.

  6. oh my england are overrated says:

    Why should England be seeded , they have not one or even come close to winning anything in nearly 50 years wo thats amazing. They did not qualify for the last tournament , England are molly-coddled always have been always will. Take the game against Brasil a few weeks ago England lose but its because they have an understrenght second team , no they didn’t Rooney , Lampard , Terry , Cole Green these are some of englands first team but ofcourse nobody mentions that Brasil had 4 players making their debut. Stop trying to confince the world and yourselfs that ye are as good or even close to Brasil , Spain , Portugal , Italy , Argentina , Germany , Holland they have a better record mentality better players play better football are just better. England are a mediocure team with mediocure success one world cup nearly 50 years ago football has changed alot since then , shit even Uruguay have two world cups Sweden and Hungary have been to finals. In today’s footballing world as we know it England are just a blip as good as say paraguay or Czech Rep wake up and see the truth…Christ ye are pathetic.

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