Uefa Unveil Official Euro 2012 Logo – It’s Flowery

Ollie Irish

14th, December 2009


And here it is:


The twin ‘bloom’ logo was inspired by ‘wycinanka’, the traditional art of paper-cutting practised in parts of Poland and Ukraine (the parts of Poland and Ukraine where there is no electricity, I guess).

And a flowery vid to go with it:

With respect to the two host nations, Poland and Ukraine does not fill me with much excitement, if any. As always though, I am happy to be put in my place by angry internet trolls…

UPDATED: Reading this back, I come across as a doucheface. Sorry. I’m sure Poland and Ukraine are very interesting places. No, really.

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  1. Polish Power says:

    Hey english asshole, thinks twice before you post such a shitty content. I wish I met you in reality, just to break your nose :D

  2. Chringle says:

    I’ll rub poo in your eyes if you ever bad mouth Ukraine again. Ukraine is a vibrant and welcoming country with glorious flora and fauna like gumdrop unicorns and rainbow waterfalls.

  3. JC says:

    I’m super pumped about 2012! I will finally be able to attend a major football tournament.

  4. Rich says:

    No worries Ollie; Ukraine is weak!

  5. jamjam says:

    ah here we go ! i guess this will help the economy of the two , im only taking my visa card with me when i go , since you cant avoid being muged in poland i suggest always carry a knucke duster !

  6. Ollie says:

    Like I said, Chringle – I am happy to be put in my place.

  7. Flower Power says:

    I wish I met you in reality, too, but just to give you a crappy wycinanka :D

  8. HP says:

    Ukraine and Poland have some of the finest women in Europe, thats reason enough to get excited. No offense intended to either country but I agree with jamjam about the muggings though. I’d say the cops will be cracking down on the locals to reduce them.

  9. Polish Power says:

    I am sure Polish and Ukrainian hooligans will give English fans what they deserve if they come. This is the only reason I hope England qualifies. Other nations are welcome :)

  10. alex says:

    polish power, its comments like that, that make people want to complain about having it in your country. i cant wait till theres a game in warsaw so that every jewish person, like myself, gets to reminisce at such a beautiful city.

  11. Polish Power says:

    Hey Alex, say thanks to the author of this post, who supports old and invalid stereotypes and tries to put my country in bad light. An answer to this cannot be different, and is honest. Author presents pseudo-journalism on the very poor level.

  12. stef says:

    we in Poland don’t make any wycinanki in our free time :) old women in the villages – maybe.

  13. John says:

    I am really disgusted at such comments the author has made of this article. I have traveled to and through Poland many times, and have
    to say that it is one of the most beautiful European countries, and the people are some of the kindest in Europe as well.
    Since Poland has joined the European union, the way in which the
    money was spend has made significant improvements to the polish
    infrastructure, and Poland will eventually become one of Europe’s
    most modern countries, as it has demonstrated its huge potential
    with its quick recovery from the soviet union, and the additional
    funds from the EU. I am sure that Poland will deliver a magnificent
    euro-2012, which will reflect the peoples love for the sport.
    Comments such as you have written in your article, clearly show your lack of education and moral value for other nations which you obviously know nothing about and have never visited!

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