Football GIF: Yevgen Konoplianka’s Top Corner-Seeking Missile vs England On Infinite Loop

Chris Wright

12th, September 2012


By Chris Wright

Definitely one that bears repeat viewing, here’s Ukraine winger Yevgen Konoplianka’s absolutely supersexy opener against boring boring England (just about the only thing worth recounting from the entire game) available to view on infinite loop again and again until the giant sentient salamanders that live in the Earth’s core finally rise to the surface and destroy mankind with their toxic mind bullets…

Oh yes.

Love how the ‘Townshend & Tyldesley’ axis forlornly tried to write Konoplianka’s missile off as an anomalous fluke which only found the top corner due to Steven Gerrard ‘not getting out there quick enough’. Pound to a penny they’d have been fudding themselves cross-eyed if Jimbo Milner had’ve lashed it in at the other end.

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  1. That was a great kick taken by Ukraine winger Yevgen Konoplianka. I think one of the best running kick I’ve ever watched. Everyone just surprised to see the way that goal took place. Thanks for sharing that footage. :)

  2. Andriy says:

    I was watching that game on Fox Soccer in US and the English commentators were such homers it was terrible. It was laughable how little credit they wanted to give Ukraine for playing well at times, and especially Konoplyanka for this beauty. Get someone that has no interest in either side to do games like these.

    (I am Ukrainian so I might have noticed their favoritism even more, but I think it should have been apparent to anyone)

  3. Zam says:

    The English commentators are always ridiculous homers, makes watching English games hard, especially ones where they’re playing crap.

  4. Chris says:

    Imagine actually ‘being’ English and having to watch said crap. And then having your commentator telling you what you are seeing is not actually that bad because they all play in the Premiership. where money talks and bullshit dives.

  5. Vasko says:

    This is the number 3 ranked team in the world?

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