World Cup: Solo Scottish Fan Enjoys England Defeat Amidst Uruguay Crowd (Photo & Vine)

Alan Duffy

19th, June 2014


By Alan Duffy


In an act which will no doubt earn him hero status north of the border, this Scotland fan stood among the Uruguay contingent for the England game on Thursday evening and duly enjoyed the result! The photo above was Tweeted by none other than Republic of Ireland international James McClean.

Here’s a vine of the Uruguay-supporting Scotsman too..

(Photo: @JMcC_23   Vine: Ufuk)

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  1. Mark Fothergill says:

    Imagine an England fan doing that. Only in Scotland. Bitter, jealous , not-even-at-the-world-cup, Scotland.

  2. Joe says:

    What will the Scotch do now England hate England as well? Do they disappear? Will I still be able to buy Irn Bru??

  3. Anonymous says:

    Scotch lol, is the whisky coming alive

  4. Wonky peanut says:


  5. Aidan says:

    I’m Irish and cheered on England – indeed most here seemed to have done so too. Glad that was a Scotsman and not one of us.

  6. Anonymous says:

    The fan in question followed Uruguay in South Africa 4 years ago and will be at all the Uruguay games in Brazil, the fact that they were playing England when he appeared on TV is totally irrelevant.

  7. Dave says:

    Small country syndrome.

  8. Geraldo says:

    Uruguay is smaller than Scotland. And they beat England. So explain that small country syndrome.

  9. river dance says:

    suck it up England are were and always will be crap, dont blame us for laughing, it was u guys that signed roy (the fossil) hodgson deal with it

  10. Inno says:

    Turns out the guy was not only over there to support Uruguay in all their games, but was donating a ton of old football kits to local kids teams as well. I’d say he earns a moment of enjoying football.

  11. Peaches says:

    These comments are ridiculous.

    The guy followed Uruguay in the 2010 World Cup (who weren’t in the same group as England that year), and again in 2014. Both times he handed out second hand strips to underprivileged kids.

    We’re not bitter, we’re not jealous. We don’t suffer from small country syndrome. You’re all flattering yourselves. A lot of people I know, including myself, had money on England to win against both Italy and Uruguay.

    The guy’s getting berated for following someone other than England. That says more about you than it does him.

    Jesus Christ.

  12. matty says:

    @peaches. So why is he waving a scottish flag around and wearing a daft hat?
    I’ll tell you why, it’s because he’s a cunt.

  13. @peaches says:

    Bollocks. I was watching it with my Scottish mate and he was cheering Uraguay. He admits it’s mostly banter but he is envious, why wouldn’t you be? It’s a World Cup in Brazil. That’s most normal Scots – Just a bit of a laugh.

    This guy however is getting berated for following someone other than Scotland, not England. It’s like buying an away season ticket for Celtic rather than a home one for Rangers. What’s the point?

    Mostly though it’s just the media shit-stirring, but why isn’t he wearing a Uraguay shirt. Does he wear that wig and flag to every match, I think not.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Scotland are not even a rival.. welsh and irish people dont go to that length to support the opposition and they have better national sides than chipland..let him get on with it. It will never be his own nation In the world cup.. salmonds dreaming….

  15. Dougie says:

    Maybe this guy is too young to remember the Uruguay team who spat on and hacked Scotland out of the 86 World Cup in Mexico? Or maybe he is a genuine Uruguay fan (strange match attire though)? Or maybe, just maybe, he is a small minded bigot / racist who hates England? Yes, he may have given some football shirts to children in Brasil which is a commendable gesture (maybe he should have kept a Uruguay shirt for himself?), however the overriding impression the public will have of this guy is of someone who clearly hates England and clearly needs to form a more positive identity for himself other than being known for something so negative. PS, the better together campaign have probably benefitted from a hundred thousand extra votes after seeing this real life clown embarrass Scotland. The English haters like this guy make Scots like me vote for the UK union.

  16. Luis Suarez says:

    Hell of a lot of butt hurt just cause a guy wore a Scotland top while watching England get pumped. As if no other supporter of a rival team wouldn’t take great joy in their rival getting beat. About 80% of the hatred for the England national team stems from the ludicrous English press. Scotland vs England, England v Germany, Germany v Poland, Spain v Portugal, Italy v France they are all derbies for one reason or an other whether its geography, history or competitive. So man the fuck up, take your beating and get off the guy’s back.

  17. Willum says:

    Don’t supposed he minded that his English boss paid him the wages to get there – sack him Mercedes

  18. Gordon says:


    Get a life folks.

  19. gary mcdonald says:

    Scotland will NEVER cheer on England …because of your ARROGANCE …

    • Anonymous says:

      the usual arrogant toy throwing,lets blame it on someone because our team is not good enough,the mans not a bigot because he never supported England,how many English cheer Germany on or france,bet the irish guy who cheered on England doesn’t cheer on the republic either.politics and football don’t mix either,england tried their best but were outclassed and outplayed .simple as that,the real biggots are all the folk who are spouting out the bitter comments about him and Scotland,look at it from a world perspective,if any team is playing England the rest of the planet doesn’t want them to win.its all down to southern arrogance

  20. Jon Barber says:

    I’m English, and find it hilarious! It’s only frickin’ football! Oh, and aren’t Mercedes German?? Hmmm.

  21. The Scottish have to be one of the most racist, bigoted, narrow-minded race of people, all because they can’t forgive the English for stuff that happened 300 years ago – get over it and get that massive chip off your shoulder! Football just gives them even more ammunition to throw at Engkand, especially when we lose. All it does it make these England haters look jealous and bitter! You can call the English team crap all you want but they’re a hell of a lot better than Scotland who haven’t even qualified for the World Cup in years. I bet half the Scots that didn’t support England in the World Cup won’t be voting YES to independence either cos they’re too afraid to go it alone – bloody hypocrites!! Big time Small Country Syndrome!! If you hate the English so much then why are you still speaking our language – go learn some Gaelic and see how far you get!

  22. Anonymous says:

    English is spoken all around the word and you are brandishing it like a bunch of chidren- fae a scottish child

  23. Aussie, Aussie, Aussie says:

    Sorry guys, I’m trying to figure this out. If you come from a Commonwealth country and England and someone else is playing. It’s OK to support the other team, provided you are in disguise but if you wear your national colours and are identified, you’re a racist and or a biggott.

    You Poms are weird

  24. Bob says:

    @anon – What are you on about? I know loads of English people who are cheering on Germany and France. I also do not know ANY English people who wouldn’t cheer on Scotland if they were in the WC, reason being, believe it or not, English people generally like Scotland and the Scottish, and vice versa if you aren’t a bit of a twat. As if English people are blaming this guy for us losing… get a grip.

    @Aussie – It’s different supporting a team and opposing a team. It’s not racist either, it’s just moronic and makes your own country look petty and jealous.

  25. shaunthebrummie says:

    are celtic and rangers still begging to join the blue square premier to accept them….only for the likes of luton to tell them to fuck off they aint good enough…we’ve got to keep celtic out…they’ll start blowing pubs up again the bastards…….and as for rangers…jock hypocrites and cheats…not worth a light…..literally..imagine playing in scots div 3….like playing in the park in england….never mind soon be all over…and the greiving can begin…

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