World Cup GIFs: Every Dirty, Rotten Dive From Brazil 2014 Presented In Smorgasbord Of Deceit

Alan Duffy

16th, July 2014


 By Alan Duffy

Those bastions of morality and upholders of justice in the world of football, The Golden Dive, have collated GIFs of every single horrible dive in the 2014 World Cup to give us a smorgasboard of cheats which makes for embarrassing viewing.

Which one is your favourite? I still think Thomas Muller’s dramatic dive in Germany’s opening clash with Portugal, when Pepe’s arm brushed his chest was particularly devious.

Cavani Campbell Aboubakar

Etoo Drogba Costa

dive2 dive1 Yaya Welbeck Torres Sterling Shaqiri Samaras Rodrigu Robben_4 Robben_3 Robben_2 Robben_1 Pogba Pedro Palacios_1 Muller Mehmedi Marcelo_3 Marcelo_2 Marcelo_1 Leckie_2 Leckie_1 Lavezzi Hulk Hoewedes Gyan Gervinho Fred Feghouli