Euro 2016: Roy Hodgson Accused Of ‘Lacking Respect’ After Suggesting England’s Cricket Team Could Beat San Marino

Chris Wright

5th, September 2015



You wouldn’t think it possible, but ever-so-polite England manager Roy Hodgson has managed to unwittingly rile the good people of San Marino.

England are set to face perennial minnows San Marino in Serravalle in a Euro 2016 qualifier tonight, with the hosts (currently 193rd in FIFA’s latest rankings) expected to take their customary heavy beating.

With England needing just one more win to book their spot at next summer’s finals, Hodgson made a light-hearted quip about there being space in his squad to include several of the England cricket team.

Hodgson made the gag while watching the England (cricket) team enjoying a casual kickabout ahead of the final Ashes Test at The Oval last month.

He revealed afterwards he had told the cricketers he was “on the look-out for talent because we’re playing San Marino so there might be a place or two available”

However, after catching wind of his counterpart’s comments, San Marino coach Pierangelo Manzaroli was not happy and even accused Hodgson of showing a lack of respect.

I know Roy Hodgson well. He’s a very good person and well educated. But when we are in front of the media, with this exposure, you have to be careful what you say.

We are much smaller than England but we deserve respect like any country. I think it was a bit too much, too heavy, with what he said. It was very strong. Bad.

Tomorrow’s match will be very complicated. We have to make a very good game in defence, to be very well organised in every point of view.

We have to try not to see the enormous gap that exists between England and San Marino. It will be a special occasion, a special atmosphere, but the group, we are a professional group.


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  1. woy_is_wright says:

    Do me a favour, guv! There are FAAAAR TOOOO many whiny little bitches in the world who are offended by anything and everything. The truth is the truth – it is not subject to arbitrary and subjective statements like “respectful”. If you are offended by it it is because it is probably TRUE!! Woy wasn’t being diswespectful he simply spoke the truth and some politically correct little bitch decided to cry about words that hurt his delicate little feelings. (Aww didums. Some people need to stop taking everything to heart, enjoy a bit of banter, man the fuck up or go jump under a TrenItalia – assuming one every arrives on time). Simple FACT of the matter is San Marino is NOT a professional football team, they are NOT professional players and ANY reasonably skilled, fit and organized professioanl atheles would wipe the floor with them. I’d bet a years salary any team in League Two would wipe the floor with a team made up from accountants, gardeners, bakers and postmen who meet up for a kick about once every 3 or 4 months. “Disrespectful” my arse!! Manzaroli should shut the fuck up and go and get a real job. Bellend.

    • 7ShutUp says:

      Aren’t you taking it a little too seriously? No one is going to mention his comments once they get beaten so why care?

  2. ShutUp&TellMeTheAnswer says:

    @7ShutUp… don’t you think that by saying “once they get beaten” is a bit disrespectful?

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