FIFA Bring Disciplinary Charges Against Wales For Allowing Fans To Wear Poppies In Crowd

Chris Wright

23rd, November 2016


After launching probes into the various instances of rule-defying poppy display over the course of the international break, FIFA have today brought charges against the Football Associations of both Wales and Northern Ireland.

FIFA have specifically begun disciplinary proceedings against Wales pertaining to their 1-1 draw against Serbia on 12th November.

The charges relate to a variety of breaches, including the affront caused by “some supporters wearing poppies in the crowd” at the Cardiff City Stadium…


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Which is, of course, utter madness.

FAW chief executive Jonathan Ford has said he is “disappointed and surprised” by FIFA’s decree:

Our intention was to show respect on Armistice weekend which we feel we did in the right and proper way.

We also adhered to the rules and regulations of the competition and the communication from FIFA prohibiting the FAW request for the players to wear the poppy symbol on the armbands or the field of play.

We are particularly disappointed that one of the charges relates to supporters in the stands wearing poppies.

As well they might.

Seeking to quell political sloganeering in football is perfectly understandable, but attempting to police badges being worn by members of the public in the terraces should really be far beyond FIFA’s remit.

Obviously, they – in their self-anointed role as the game’s moral compass and gatekeeper – see things a little differently.

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