‘I Should Have Sacked Ventura At Half-Time!’ – Italian FA President Carlo Tavecchio Announces Resignation, Goes Out With Bang (Video)

Chris Wright

20th, November 2017

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As the fallout from Italy’s failure to reach a World Cup finals for the first time in nigh-on 60 years continues to churn, the Italian Football Federation (FIGC) have announced that they are now looking for a new president, as well as a new national team coach.

While he initially refused to budge, manager Giampietro Ventura resigned a few days after the Azzurri saw their final shot at earning a place in Russia go up in smoke with a two-leg defeat against Sweden in their World Cup play-off.

The pressure was then walloped on FIGC president Carlo Tavecchio to follow suit, what with him being the man who appointed Ventura in the first place.

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As with Ventura, Tavecchio resisted the backlash at first but eventually gave in and announced his resignation after realising that his position had become untenable, subsequently calling a press conference on Monday to confirm his exit.

Throughout the briefing, Tavecchio’s demeanour could perhaps best be described as ‘animated-to-rancorous’ as the outgoing president reluctantly handed over his gun and badge with one last flourish of righteous indignation.

Tavecchio’s farewell rant in Rome went on for quite a while, but presented here are a few of the more impassioned passages:

I have tendered my resignation, and as a mere political act, I have also asked the advisory board to do the same, but nobody did, so I was alone.

I got the feeling that I, with 18 years of experience, was no longer being fully backed. I did not hesitate for an instant.

Speaking in third-person, he then made sure to cement just who Tavecchio thinks is directly responsible for Tavecchio’s short-comings as FIGC chief:

I’ve never said this before because details of private meetings aren’t made public – yet now you must know that Ventura wasn’t selected by me alone but now I must pay for (hiring) Ventura.

I’ve always said that Tavecchio chose the national coach, but now you know that I didn’t choose him.

Pressed on the matter, Tavecchio then vaguely claimed that it was Marcelo Lippi who chose to appoint Ventura last year.

The 74-year-old was then asked if he had any regrets, to which he replied his only regret was to not sack Ventura at half-time during the Sweden game:

Did I make any mistakes? Yes, not intervening in the match at San Siro to change the coach.

Finally, speaking of short-comings:

Excuse me, this is not just a rant. I’ve always looked people in their face, in the good times and in the bad.

I am here and, if we had scored a goal (against Sweden), Carlo Tavecchio was a big man.

Let me say, I am still 1.71 metres tall.

Good to know you can still buy your trousers in the children’s’ section, Carlo.

You’ll always have that.