Beitar Jerusalem: Israeli Football Club Officially Change Team Name To ‘Beitar Trump Jerusalem’ In Honour Of Beloved US President

Chris Wright

14th, May 2018


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In a move that is certain to be greeted with fond appreciation and warm applause the world over, Israeli side Beitar Jerusalem have renamed their entire club in honour of President Donald Trump.

Having been known as ‘Beitar Jerusalem’ since they were founded 82 years ago, the club are know to be referred to as ‘Beitar Trump Jerusalem’, at least for the foreseeable.

The team have honoured the president for his controversial (to put it politely) decision to open the new US Embassy in Jerusalem, thus recognising the city as the official capital as far as the Yanks are concerned.

The club released a statement on their official Facebook page to confirm as much:

President Donald Trump, in a courageous move, recognised Jerusalem as the eternal capital of Israel.

President Trump has shown courage, and true love of the Israeli people and their capital, and these days other countries are following his lead in giving Jerusalem its rightful status.

The football club Beitar Jerusalem, one of the most prominent symbols of the city, are happy to honour the President for his love and support with a gesture of our own.

The chairmen of the club, the owner Eli Tabib and the executive manager Eli Ohana have decided to add to the club’s title the name of the American President who made history, and from now on will be called ‘Beitar Trump Jerusalem’.

We have the greatest love for the President, and [with it] we will win.

The big bloody skin-crawling suck-ups – and to that dilapidated pile of spoiled, toupee’d gammon, too.


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  1. JP says:

    Suggestion that this be refiled under ‘Modern Football is Rubbish’

  2. gamblino says:

    Rancid, fascist fucks every one of em

  3. Wenger OUT says:

    The terrorist govt of israhell should change the name of the country too. “Trumpalestine” maybe ?
    #FreePalestine #BDS
    Follow @BrightonBDS on Twitter ;)

  4. Comfy Chair says:

    fucking pieces of shit.

    apologies to the world.

    i guess i should cancel my plans to travel abroad, or get a canadian passport.

    what a shitstorm.

  5. Jon says:

    Beitar will play European football in autumn with that name. I wonder whether they could use the Trump brand there or if UEFA would do an ultimate trolling and forbid the use as they did for RubbishBin Leipzig/Salzburg.

  6. Archer says:

    I love the last few words in the statement: ‘… and with it, we will win’

    Er – win what exactly? Israeli football is Shyte. Bunch of Khunts.

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