Ghoul Difference: Moscow Man Claims He’s Being Haunted (And Regularly Robbed) By Ghost Of Andrey Arshavin, Who Isn’t Dead

Chris Wright

30th, January 2019

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By Jack Beresford

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Andrey Arshavin spent a fair amount of his career as little more than listless spectre, but it would appear he has now gone and made the full jump into the spirit world.

According to a report in The Moscow Times, police in the Russian capital are investigating a reported sighting of the ghost of Arshavin.

To be clear: Arshavin is not dead. Far from it. Aged 37, the former Russian Footballer of the Year made the headlines recently when he was filmed leaving a St Petersburg strip club on the back of a horse.

However, one man from the Moscow suburb of Lobnya is claiming to have witnessed the ex-Gunner pootling about in his living room.

Indeed, he’s gone as far as contacting Russian police regarding the matter, claiming an apparition “closely resembling [Arshavin] passes through his walls”.

Worse still, the unnamed man alleges that the ghost has been attacking him and stealing his money.

Plenty of Arsenal fans will likely sympathise – Arshavin all but stole a living at their club for several years – but the rest of us have good reason to be a little perplexed.

Quite what the police can do to combat a nefarious ghost thief is unclear.

But if you can’t rely on the cops over this sort of thing then who exactly *are* you gonna call?