The Cage: Hutnik Krakow Fans Forced To Watch Polish League Game Against Spartakus Daleszyce From Grimmest ‘Away Section’ Imaginable (Photos)

Chris Wright

11th, March 2019

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Photo via Clive Lindsay (BBC Scotland Sport)

Pies have witnessed some shoddy away ends in our time but none quite as dispiriting as the following offering from the Polish lower leagues.

Top of the table played bottom in the III Liga (fourth tier) on Sunday, with Hutnik Krakow travelling to face lowly Spartakus Daleszyce.

Hutnik took around 100 supporters with them, who duly found themselves forced to watch the match from inside a cramped cage…

Grim. At least the Hutnik fans were able to witness a vital 0-1 win from their vantage point inside the human zoo enclosure.

This isn’t the first Polish cage arrangement we’ve witnessed either – though at least the prison exercise yard-esque set up for away fans at Znicz Pruszkow is a bit jauntier in terms of the colour scheme…

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1 Comment

  1. Geraldo says:

    Quick reply to Clive Lindsay (via WAATP as I’m not on Twitter and if I was I wouldn’t know where to start telling him what I think of him)… clubs here DID follow this example way back in the 1970s when they were ordered by the authorities to cage ALL football fans like animals. In fact this practice of treating human beings inhumanely contributed in no small part to the Hillsborough disaster.

    But hey, there’s nothing like a good old Daily Mail-style knee-jerk reaction to the actions of a handful of morons and tarring all football supporters with the same brush, is there Clive…

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