Holland Treatment Has Left Rafael Van Der Vaart A ‘Despondent’ Man

Chris Wright

8th, September 2010


By Chris Wright

Tottenham new-boy Rafael Van der Vaart has admitted that he is feeling ‘despondent’ after finding himself continually on the fringes of the Holland national team under Bert van Marwijk.

Van der Vaart was left on the bench for Holland’s Euro 2012 qualifier with San Marino on Friday, and was seen to cover his mouth as he trudged off the pitch in a funk after being substituted during the 64th minute of their game with Finland last night…

(Video via 101 Goals)

When asked in a post-match interview whether or not he had covered his mouth to avoid lip-readers being able to tell he was swearing, Van der Vaart jokingly replied;

“Secretly, yes. I was swearing a bit, but not specifically for [van Marwijk] to hear.”

He continued to explain his position in an interview with onsoranje.nl;

“If you play well you don’t think you’ll be taken off. I’m getting a little despondent. The substitutions are always predictable. It’s my 84th match. I think sometimes I deserve to stay on.

If I play badly, you can take me off after an hour. That’s my own fault. But in this case I trained hard, kept my mouth shut, did my best, and I was still taken off. I gave everything. Also I was playing in a position which is not comfortable for me, I’m not a left winger, but I did well. I was involved in two goals, some good moves, and almost scored.

I always try to be positive but I can’t remember the last time I played 90 minutes. It makes me somewhat despondent. Maybe other people would not be angry, but that’s how I feel at the moment.

When asked if he was too polite to raise the issue with van Marwijk, Van der Vaart replied;

“Maybe. But in my time at Ajax I learned that arguing is useless. I just always want to play. If you play well you think you deserve to stay on and not be the first one taken off every time.

I know he has great confidence in me, he’s said so often enough. But with the regularity of the substitutions, obviously as a player I’m going to become unhappy.”

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  1. dennis says:

    Van Marwijk shouldn’t play him as a left winger because he’s isn’t one. Always comes to the middle of the pitch where it is then so crowded it’s almost impossible to have a decent attack. Especially against small nations.

    He shouldn’t ‘ve complained about his substitution but quiestion marks can be placed because Sneijder was even poorer yesterday.

  2. Ollie Irish says:

    Can’t wait until VdV is taken off for Jenas…

  3. yuan says:

    you are not qualify to represent holland, you jerk!

  4. yuan's a homo says:

    ur a homo

  5. deckard says:

    what a f*cking idiot. there’s a reason why real madrid kicked him out and he’s not playing with the best of the rest of england. he’s not top side material, let’s be honest, spurs aren’t, and he’s still carrying around this misplaced ego. the amount of awesome games he’s played for holland can be counted on one hand. in fact, vdv had pretty much no real impact on our run to the world cup final.

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