Equatorial Guinea Footballers Caught Up In Gender Row

Chris Wright

29th, November 2010


By Chris Wright

Big, big news people! Equatorial Guinea’s female football team have been accused of fielding two human beings with man bits by several of their rivals in the African women’s championship.

The two fine, square-jawed fillies in question, captain Genoveva Anonma (back, right) and striker Salimata Simpore (bottom, left), were instrumental in Equatorial Guinea’s run to the final of the championship and, although they eventually lost out 4-2 to Nigeria, the side still managed to qualify for the women’s World Cup.

However, CAF (the African Football Federation) have now launched an inquiry into the two player’s special parts after receiving complaints over the ‘gender status’ of both Anonma and Simpore from the Nigerian Football Federation.

Y Chromosomes eh? You can’t live ’em…

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  1. Disgusted says:

    What a highly insensitive way of reporting such a sensitive topic! And anyway, why is it that every time a woman does well at sport her gender is questioned? Can’t women just be good? And if people are going to apply such an archaic reasoning to sport how comes men are never gender tested when they’re terrible at sport?

  2. ???? says:

    wtf is this shit???????
    How RuDE
    Get this off pls

  3. fasf says:

    It turned out to be true..

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