England v Andorra: I know nothing about Andorra

Ollie Irish

10th, June 2009


Andorra? Andorra… that’s in Africa, right?
Like everyone in America, I know very little about Andorra. I do know that they are playing England tonight at Wembley (Btw, if you have a ticket and live in London, good luck figuring out how to outsmart those pesky Tube strikers – the turnstiles will now open earlier, at 5.45pm, so set off early), and that they will definitely lose, probably 2-0, 3-0, or 4-0. Maybe 5-0, if England play really well. There, I said it.

Team news? Rio Ferdinand is not fit and won’t play. David Beckham, Glen Johnson and Emile Heskey are all one booking away from missing England’s crucial World Cup qualifier against Croatia on 9 September, so they might all be rested. I don’t know any Andorran team news, because I don’t know the names of any of their players. Sorry, that’s the sort of shoddy site this is.
Your prediction?

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  1. Tommy says:

    Wow….this is really embarrasing…I am from America and i know where Andorra is…can i be from New Zealand? That’s in South America, right?

  2. kaya says:

    I heard $20 million was invested in the national stadium so the English NT won’t blame the pitch when they lose there.

  3. BLR says:

    lol, that video is from ‘The Onion’, a parody website that reports fake news all the time. Check out TheOnion.com for more.

  4. Ollie says:

    Yep, big fans of the Onion here.

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