Spain 0-2 USA: the greatest shock in Confederations Cup history!

Ollie Irish

24th, June 2009


Gooch Onyewu enjoys the spoils after the USA’s amazing win over Spain
A potted match report: USA took their chances, Gooch defended like a Minotaur (when he’s on his game, he’s close to unbeatable) and Spain looked absolutely knackered.
Congrats to the States, who will play either Brazil or hosts South Africa in the final. If you’d have told me after the US’s 3-0 defeat by Brazil that they would end up in the final, I’d have snorted derisively in your face. But fair play to them – Landycakes, Deuce and co. are peaking at the right time, and that’s the key to winning tournaments.

On a level playing field, I’d still take Spain to beat the US 9 times out of 10. But after long domestic campaigns, the Spanish did appear to run out of gas, and very early on in the game. It’s perhaps churlish to point out that many – though not all – of the American players are in the middle of the current MLS season, and as such they had more in the tank than their opponents.
EDITED: OK, the bit about Americans being fresher because they play in MLS is not true, and thanks for pointing it out, but as I said in a comment, Spain’s players have played a lot more football than their US counterparts.
The refs are doing no favours to the States though. Michael Bradley never deserved to be sent off for his challenge on Xavi. That makes three undeserved reds in four games for the US.
Still, I take nothing away from Bob Bradley’s team. They fully deserved the win and I hope they go on to win the Cup. It would be a huge and much-needed boost in the arm for the game over there.
Brazil play SA tomorrow evening. Surely the hosts can’t pull of another shock? You never know…

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  1. MikeR says:

    Actually, of the US starting 11, only 2 (Donovan, Clark) play in MLS rather than in Europe.

  2. USA?ALL the way? says:

    I’m and American, and for some reason I find myself with mixed feelings. As hardcore fan, I wanted to see Spain v Brazil in the final. US played exceptionally well but I agree 9 times out of 10 Spain would win. Us really needs to tailer the MLS to the rest of the world as far as season scheduling.
    Oh well GO US! and go SA!

  3. Ollie says:

    Ah, thanks MikeR, fair point – but Spain’s players have played a lot more football than most of the US players in the last 12 months. Not to take anything away from the States, they deserved the win.

  4. Andrew says:

    GO USA! Now im hoping for usa brazil! Im american and i have NO mixed feelings at all…wanted to beat spain and we did. Excuses like spain had a long season etc is rubbish – this is what europe always say when they lose (they tried the same trick in 2002) If europe had it their way ONLY the tournaments held in europe would actually count – well brazil has already won the world cup in europe HAHA…so no excuses europe pls…Besides, whats all the hype about spain? they are playing well yes, but lets not forget they are only euro champnions…not even World champions…in the last 70 years spain havent won ANYTHING…brazil on the other hand have won the World cup a massive FIVE times….IMHO brazil not spain are the number one team in the world…screw fifa rankings haha…

  5. Jeff says:

    Good article with one exception. How many of the starting 11 are playing in MLS? Answer is 2 (Donovan and Clark)…the rest play in Europe so much for that excuse of the Spanish players being so tired.

  6. williamhill says:

    a surprising win indeed. win or lose in the final, US will do at least one better than the previous US teams in this competition.

  7. Rob says:

    It’s the Confederations Cup, calm down everyone. No one gives a crap.

  8. Adam says:

    “It’s the Confederations Cup, calm down everyone. No one gives a crap.”
    Yeah, Spain obviously only lost because it’s the Confederation’s Cup. That’s why no one in Italy is at all worried that they went out, too. Plus it’s only Spain. It’s been like a whole year since they won anything.

  9. Murfmensch says:

    This is a good tournament and I can’t get over the US win. I love following team USA. There are no Ashley Coles on this squad. An interview with an American player is far less embarrassing.
    The squad takes many different approaches throughout a match. They can lose big and win big. Nothing boring about it.
    Spain didn’t look that bad. They looked ready to score throughout the match. This will likely improve their World Cup performance.
    USA is not underestimated by players, whatever fans may think.
    I consider this vengeance for the Spanish FA’s interference with our attempt to play Catalunya not long ago.

  10. Z says:

    Everyone neutral fan’s ideal final, or just judging by their prowess, would be Spain VS Brazil i would guess. Since i support Spain in this comp, and now they r out, i say go South Africa.

  11. US Hooray says:

    I just hope the Confederations Cup can get the ball rolling on all the bandwagon US fans come World Cup, Id love to see this sport grow even stronger here in America. It’s too bad I feel like I wont get to see football(soccer) huge in the US during my lifetime :(
    tough luck Spain, your still the best, Go USA!

  12. Charles.Nairobi.Kenya says:

    Kudis to the USA for beating the same clowns who have spent BILLIONS ON RONALDO AND KAKA!the USA has shown the world that they have what it takes to play against the big guns.
    Don’t talk nonsense about Italy feeling nothing cuz its the confederations cup, silly excuses wont help, THE BETTER TEAM WON ON THE NIGHT!
    Spain have been taught a lesson by the Americans who will go on to win the final!
    Kudos USA

  13. Atyansh says:

    If Brazil lose to South Africa, then there would be a Spain vs Brazil in the 3rd place play-off and that would surely sell more tickets than any mach in the confederations cup.
    I like Spain and I HATE confederations cup because of the vuvuzelas but I only watched it hoping that there would be a Spain vs Brazil Final!!
    Now my only hope is Spain vs Brazil 3rd place play off and I doubt South africa would win but I also doubted USA would win!!!

  14. kaya says:

    I don’t get it: I’ve heard annoying plastic horns at US football matches before… just nowhere near this kind of concentration. Are vuvuzelas just the old-world version of horns that split off when pangea broke up?

  15. me and you make two says:

    how can you say that Gooch is that good, first of all i dont want to be looking at his hairy chest, and second he had a good game sure, but clearly you dont recall when he was playing at Newcastle. Reminded me of a larger Titus Bramble

  16. Charles.Nairobi.Kenya says:

    I’m a shit-talking monkey. Send me bananas to my hut in Kenya or I will migrate to Europe, leech your dole, steal all your bicycles and rape your pet animals like all my 17 brothers already do.
    Black power!
    Send fvcking bananas!

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