Gareth Bale Out Of Wales Qualifier, England Breathe Sigh Of Relief

Chris Wright

24th, March 2011


By Chris Wright

“Gareth, show us your hamstrings!”

Bad news if you’re a fan of Welsh football/Tottenham Hotspur, great news if you just so happen to be Glen Johnson – Gareth Bale has been ruled out of Saturday’s Euro 2012 qualifier with a hamstring injury.

The Welsh FA have confirmed this morning that Bale suffered the strain before hooking up with the Wales squad and that the Tottenham winger did not train with the rest of the boyos on Wednesday:

“Due to a hamstring problem, Gareth Bale has had to withdraw from the Wales squad to face England. He felt tight last week during training with his club.

“After playing 90 minutes on Saturday he felt some muscle tightness. Initially, this was expected to be muscle soreness after playing his first game.

“On joining up with the Welsh squad he was kept off his feet in training for two days to recover. As he still felt tight in the warm-up on Tuesday, Gareth was pulled out of the session.

“He did not train at all on Wednesday and was sent for a scan – the scan revealed that Gareth picked up his injury last week.”

Get it? It’s not their fault.

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  1. The Yank says:

    Bale is overrated. He needs 50 yards to be effective and really only has pace. He could be great in the future, but right now he is getting too much praise. Yes, he was good against Inter, but that was ages ago, and frankly, it wasn’t that impressive. A young Welshman v an aging Brazilian…

    In any case, something needs to be done about injuries. It seems everyone and their mother are getting hamstring injuries lately. And no, I don’t believe its a coincidence that its near the ending stages of the season.

  2. Tinez says:

    That is a pretty bankrupt argument, he’s a fair hand at skinning players with trickery too. He’s also a pretty neat finisher. You seem to be describing him as a 100m runner, not a footballer. You need to be more than a short distance runner to play in the premier league.

    Your Maicon point is even less valid, Maicon is a great, experienced right-back who is up and down the wing all day long. All of this means that he should have the knowledge and experience to deal with a pacy player like bale. He should know how to deal with him, but he had 0 idea.

  3. Jon says:

    Jesus those thighs are bordering on Bobby Carlos size.

  4. Scott says:

    I’m an Arsenal supporter and even I wouldn’t call Bale overrated. The kid is still only 21. Walcott has pace too, but speed wingers like him and Bale do more than just run up and down the wing.

  5. C says:

    I can picture Glen Johnson going around and high five-ing everyone after hearing this :)

  6. bluesword says:

    a hatrick against inter when you’re down 4-0 is pretty impressive to me..i think arry had a word with bale about the real madrid match on tuesday…

  7. james says:

    Also against Inter they were down a man. If you think Bale is overrated just look at the opposite wing, Lennon only has pace, no true touch, technique, can barely cross the ball. Gareth puts in lovely service into the box and has great technique striking the ball and has a bit of flair.

  8. The Yank says:

    Next time Bale actually plays a full 90 minutes, watch closely. You’ll see what I’m talking about.

    As for his hat-trick against Inter, 3 things led to that. 1) Bale was on fire that night and whenever any player is on his game, he’s difficult to handle. 2) Maicon was not on his game and hasn’t been for a while, most likely because he’s an aging star. 3) Inter clearly took their feet off the gas, parked the car, and put their feet up. When you are up 4-0 against Tottenham, that’s hardly a crime.

  9. Uther Pendragon says:

    Having had a look at The Yank’s blog…it’s not a large leap to conclude that he’d talk utter shite on here, as well.

  10. james says:

    What about Bale’s game at the Lane against Inter? What about against Chelski last season? There are numerous other matches that I could use as examples to show that Bale is not limited to just pace, as Lennon is. If you watch any Spurs game its blatantly obvious that Lennon is the one dimensional winger, not Bale

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