Spain And Chile Have A Good Old Fashioned Scrap (Video)

Alan Duffy

3rd, September 2011


By Alan Duffy

World Champions Spain and Chile celebrated FIFA’s Fair Play Day in Switzerland in ironic fashion by having a bit of a ding-dong at the end of the game, which the visitors won 3-2.

The kerfuffle somewhat overshadowed the fact that Barcelona’s perennially pasty-looking schemer Andrea Iniesta had scored his first international goal since his World Cup final winner back in July 2010.

Indeed, the Casper The Friendly Ghost of world football even suggested that the fisticuffs showed that La Roja were united as one, despite the mix of Barca and Real Madrid players. “The brawl demonstrates that we are a team, ” he explained.

Credit must be given to Iniesta’s new club team-mate, Cesc Fabregas (who netted a brace in the game),  who acted as the proverbial peacemaker.