Montenegro 2-2 England: England Reach Polkraine 2012, Top Group Despite Rooney’s Idiocy (Photos & Highlights)

Chris Wright

8th, October 2011


By Chris Wright

Did someone’s Dad have another flutter on a red card?

England secured themselves a ball in Sepp Blatter’s Polkraine 2012 perspex fishbowl with a 2-2 draw against Montenegro in rain-drenched Podgorica last night, finishing top of Group G with an unbeaten record and everything in the garden looking rosy – including the shiny red card shown to Wayne Rooney who, with England 2-1 up, hoofed Miodrag Dzudovic across the calves after being dispossessed and duly left his side a man down for the last 20 minutes.

Ashley Young and Darren Bent had England 2-0 up until Elsad Zverotic pulled one back with the last touch of the first half, with Andrija Delibasic heading home at the far post in the 92nd-minute to equalise for Montenegro and snatch them the point they needed to land a spot in the qualifying play-offs next month – everyone (except a certain luncheon meat-faced striker) was a winner, which is a little strange considering the scoreline.



Photos: PA

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  1. Lukass says:

    What a fantastic match yesterday, I even managed to take part in the pitch invasion and got a patch of grass as a souvenir, I just hope Uefa don’t ban us in the play-offs, there was no violence whatsoever, just people celebrating the biggest success in the history of Montenegrin football.
    The only negative part of the game were English fans chanting ‘you’re just a small part of Serbia’ after the game, fair play to them, you failed to beat the ‘small part of Serbia’ twice, not bad for a country the population size of Leeds…

  2. pompeylad says:

    Michel Platini’s Polkraine perspex fishbowl, surely? ;p

  3. red19 says:

    Hey lukass, what sucess do u speak of we won the group

  4. kopred says:

    red19, the draw puts montenegro into next months play offs. I think that counts as success, no?

  5. Bo says:

    Well, both teams are happy with the result. Montenegro are happy, England are happy. Amazing photos by the way.

    check out my views on the game.

  6. Montesquieu says:

    When England cannot beat minnows like Montenegro, than their’s no point of even hoping that they’ll do well at the tournament.

  7. Andy Carroll's Ponytail says:

    People may argue about how it’s only the qualification stage and the difference will come during the tournament itself. But you look at Spain, Germany and Netherlands steaming past supposedly inferior opponents in qualifying and you wonder why can’t England do the same?

    Are these “smaller” nations more motivated when they play England? Of course they are. Because they know:
    a) England are bottlers under huge pressure
    b) The fans and newspapers create enormous said pressure due to their blinkered sense of entitlement and belief that they have the “best league in the world”
    c) The “best league in the world” is only true when you include the large population of non-english players plying their trade in the league.
    d) The England players buy into the above hype. And when they find out no one is really scared of them, they lose their heads and play like they did in South Africa.

    My point? Stop kidding yourselves England. You’ll never win another major tournament unless you take the German route and start investing in your local lads.

  8. Montesquieu says:

    “take the German route”

    You mean start taking Poles, Turks and anyone else they can get their hands on, who are not native born?

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