New Umbro England Home Kits For Euro 2012 Unveiled – Red And White Delight! (Photos)

Chris Wright

23rd, February 2012


By Chris Wright

Eight international games after the last one was rolled out, Umbro launched the new England kit for 2012 in London last night and we’ve got our hands on a few photos of the blighter.

Taking it’s lead from the St George’s flag, the new strip (including the goalkeeper’s) is entirely white and red, featuring a red monochrome England crest for the very first time.

Here’s the all-white home strip…

And here’s the all-red goalkeeper strip…

The brand-spanking new duds are due to be worn for the first time for England’s friendly against Holland at Wembley next Wednesday (29th Feb) and will go on sale from on the very same day.

Personally, I love it. Umbro, who are steadily getting their act together with some beautifully elegant kits here and there, have got it bang on once again – though the frequency with which new kits are being launched at the moment (not just by Umbro, I might add) is becoming a tad ridiculous.

That said, it’s beautiful and I suppose you don’t have to fork out for it if you don’t bloody well want to. Plus, a new strip for a major tournament makes sense. Wouldn’t want our brave boys keeling over in the knockout rounds wearing last year’s rags, now would we?

What say you folks? Hit or miss?

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  1. SS says:

    “not just by Umbro, I might ass” – *add

  2. paulo says:

    looks shit lol

  3. Wolf Haley says:

    I’ve always preferred the red “away” England kits can’t wait to see that.

    The funny thing about Umbro starting to produce quality kits is that it coincides with their takeover by Nike, who have always generally made great kits.

  4. C says:

    Yawn. Looks very dull in my opinion.

  5. Harry Catknapp says:

    The smarter the kits they try to make,the shitter they look!,stop messing around with making the kits look `tailored` and produce a good quality football strip for a change!,not liked the England kits for a long while,this one looks terrible,whats going on with the collar for a start!,for me white and blue works better than white and red,for me adidas do the best kits,but oh no we couldnt be seen with a german kit manufacturer now can we!.

  6. Jon says:

    Very nice keeper kit, 106515156131 time better than the last one. Outfield kit is a solid 8/10 too.

  7. Danny says:

    Completely agree. Great kit, released too often, price too high etc etc blah blah… Still doesn’t detract from me the amount of effort and quality within the shirt.

    Umbro have been producing great quality products for years, however after having a great financial injection (all be it from Nike) they have explored kit manufacturing like no other company in the market today.

    Take a look at the depths of research Umbro have done for the England / Man City / Peru etc. They have redesigned the whole process to create something unique and surpasses the simple function of what a kit is about. From an artistic point of view I think that is something really special and far better than a basic Adidas template kit.

    If you cant appreciate the efforts Umbro have gone to, then carry on wearing your Kappa tracksuit from the 90’s and insist the two footed tackle above the ball is not a foul. That is your right.

  8. Mr Sensible says:

    This what happens when companies want to rape their customers and produce a new kit every year, they run out of ideas. When will this bullshit ‘tailored’ workwear Oi Polloi trend finish.

    Boring kit for a boring team with no manager or captain, who really gives a shit.

  9. Baby Roy says:

    I think it’s it’s really classy, like all of England’s recent kits. What happened to only bringing out a new kit for each tournament though? The one with all the multi-coloured cross thingies only got wheeled out for a few qualifiers, what’s the point in that?

  10. Danny says:

    @ Mr.Sensible – “This what happens when companies want to rape their customers..”

    That is a bit of an exaggeration isn’t it? No one is physical forcing you to buy the shirt and wear it against your will, are they?

  11. Rory says:

    A navy trim would look better than the red one.
    At least it’s better than the Irish one, our’s is hideous, it’s hard to get just green wrong but they managed it!

  12. CFC_Jay says:

    looks good but not sure on the socks……they look a bit naff and dated….

  13. ben says:

    I prefer the keepers kit I may just get the short sleeved of that instead it’s not the worst kit I have ever seen but in the build up to the shirt pics coming out I thought it was going to be a red home. I’m not a massive fan of it being white all the way through either I think red shorts would of been nice with it they may bring them out as well. People bitching about the last shirt it was always on the cards that we was changing they changed the home after the world cup on the dismal form that we had during the world cup a clean slate if you will. We will change home and away every tournament now that nike own umbro ( and have since 2008) as they do that with all the teams they make shirts for everyone on nikes list is getting new home and away shirts we just got our away early which I don’t really like but hey ho cant please em all

  14. Mr Sensible says:


    No they aren’t but people take way to much advantage of loyal fans, not just with kits but everything, it’s pathetic, also tell that to people with kids. Baby Roy is right, what is the point of deigning a kit just for the qualifiers, joke. National kits used to last 4 years!

  15. mike n says:

    Home shirt’s bland,boring and dull like the previous two in my opinion,the keeper one would be better as the actual away one instead of the blue effort.

  16. Sjakie Meulemans says:

    Lovin’ it.

  17. Marco says:

    So this is what you guys will be wearing when you bow out of the tournament in the group stages.

  18. Lanthanum says:

    …it’s just a plain white long-sleeved jumper, how can you possibly love it so much? There’s absolutely nothing about a plain white jumper that instils me with the required patriotism I’m expected to feel when Rooney kicks someone in the face then swears at the camera.

  19. sloth says:

    @Danny, wholeheartedly agree. Nike and Umbro are generally head and shoulders above all the other cookie-cutter kit manufacturers. Adidas only ever put any effort into the Germany kit, which is excellent this year, and Puma doesn’t give a shit about any country outside Africa. That being said, have a look at Umbro’s “effort” with the “new” Canada kit. It is literally available as generic teamwear for your Sunday league pub team. Canada isn’t a football nation by any means, but you’d think we deserve a little more than that.

    On the England Kit: Beautiful. Gives the new French one a good run for the money. Love the collar.

  20. KingEric7 says:

    Why is it whenever a plain looking kit is reviewed on here it’s always “classy, elegant, retro”, basically euphemisms for “BORING”. Manufacturers are so worried about upsetting people that the kits end up being bland and featureless, they’re so conservative why would anyone want to wear one, or pay >£40, for what?
    At least if they have the balls to put a bit of colour or pattern on it then you can either decide if you like it or not. If you do then fine, express a bit of individuality, if not then fuck it, another will be along in 12 months anyway, which probably equates to about 5 England games.

  21. C says:


    Harsh, but true.

  22. Del says:

    Reminds me a little bit of those horrible Yakult (listen to your gut) yogurt adverts.
    Then again it could look quite snazzy on the players. We’ll have to wait and see.

  23. Mr. Sparkle says:

    A bit too simplistic.

  24. Rory Bond says:

    Goalkeeper shirt is fantastic, may get a few more sales than the average keeper kit after the public seemed to be shocked that the away shirt wasn’t red. The fans don’t have to buy the shirt aswell, is the keypoint after 8 games doesn’t mean your shirt no longer exists or you are no longer capable of wearing it

  25. winchester says:

    I didn’t like it when I first saw these pics. but once I saw the pics of players wearing it I started to change my mind.

    Still think the french one is better though.

  26. darren says:

    thay look no good you should make a shirt which people can look good in on the the street in the pub on the pitch this you will have many left in the shops and the give them away for 10 pounds at a loss what a bad shirt yet again no idea what people want and its not this

  27. Mr Mark 1977 says:

    It is just AWFUL.

    At least they got the keeper’s shirt correct – simple and effective.

    The white strip is embarrasing, that collar is hideous, and with that top button, it’s like some nightmare polo shirt – buttons don’t have ANY place in a modern streamlined football kit.

    Ok, so for some reason people like polo shirts, but even THOSE people would be silly to wear this kit, because the collar, is just embarrassing.

    It’s just AWFUL.

  28. Declan says:

    I get why they made it red and white because of the St Georges Flag but I don’t think they should have changed the colour of the badge. It’s always been 3 blue lions which is traditional!

    Not bought an England top in awhile so will probably purchase it as it is pretty nice really

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