Hollywood superstar Steve McManaman talks about Goal! 2

Ollie Irish

7th, February 2007

Realmadrid_mcmanaman_2002_medFootball film Goal! 2 hits UK cinemas on Friday. In anticipation the film’s ‘associate producer’ (snigger) Steve McManaman has been talking about his input to cinematic history. He said: "I tried to help out really, in the broadest possible sense. My relationship was to help out with the film crew if they needed any help from Real Madrid. But saying that, Real Madrid were very accessible to be very honest. Then down to the dressing room, advice on what people wore, if anybody needed any help."

Hollywood superstar Steve McManaman talks about Goal! 2 continued

Film’s greatest Macca since Macaulay Culkin added: "Really because I’ve been in that situation before, walking out onto the pitch, what the interaction is like in the dressing room before games, what kind of things people will be shouting, what the manager would be wearing, what clothes. Would the manager have a tracksuit on in Spain, or would he be dressed in a suit? So I just tried to help out as much as possible in that respect really." [Via Future Movies]

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