Minnesota Stars Visit Amateur Team Of Stars Fans, Dole Out Free Kit As ‘Thank-You’ For Their Support (Video)

Chris Wright

25th, October 2012


By Chris Wright

This is just ‘nice’, y’know? What you’re about to see is a group of players from NASL side Minnesota Stars – who are already in Pies’ good books for, a) having an Admiral kit and, b) having an incredibly cool Admiral kit – led by defender/assistant coach Kevin Friedland, take a mosey on down to their local park to visit an amateur side made up of loyal Stars supporters and reciprocate the love by handing out a fresh new replica kit to the lads in question and staying to roar them on from the sidelines…

It may well be a PR stunt in essence but, as a club, it seems the Minnesota Stars sure know how to make their fans feel like part of the deal. good on you chaps, good on you.

Thanks to Pies fan Josh (@ManUtdMN15) for tipping us off about his local pro side’s cockle-warming gesture.

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  1. Chris says:

    Just fyi, Minnesota Stars are an NASL (second tier) team in the US.

  2. usrick says:

    That’s just how people in Minnesota are. They even have a name for it: Minnesota Nice.

    Well done, Stars. Uff da!!

  3. K says:

    From an Orlando City supporter… BEAT TAMPA!!

  4. railhawksfan says:

    They are going for their second NASL championship. Good luck to them. Good club, good players. The great thing about lower div soccer here is that community members get to be involved. Yesterday Akira Fitzerald of Railhawks ran my kid’s soccer practice.

  5. Guy says:

    It was a great home game for the final – fantastic atmosphere and a good game. I hope they can follow through in Tampa and seal the deal for back to back championship.

    But is anyone else bummed the legislature granted exclusive rights to an MLS franchise to the Vikings/(New)Dome funding? It freaking shady as shit imo.

  6. usrick says:


    Where do the Stars play? I didn’t recognize the venue, but it’s a good many years since I’ve been to the Twin Cities.

  7. Chris says:

    Great to see some NASL coverage here, hope to see more of it!!

  8. Louise says:

    The Stars play in a suburb about 15 minutes north of Minneapolis & St. Paul – the National Sports Center in Blaine. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Sports_Center) It’s a fantastic venue. 2 dollar beers, quality food and room for the kids to play and have a kickabout. The supporters group, the Dark Clouds, have a Bar-b-Que and give out free beer to anyone with a ticket before the game.

    I think they drew about 4500 to the playoff game last weekend. But despite that great turnout, and the success on the pitch, the Stars are struggling. It is possible the team will have to fold next year if a new owner cannot be found. I had tons of fun at the matches I went to this year and would really be sad if this team doesn’t make it. Come on You Stars!

  9. Sjakie Meulemans says:

    Wait a minute Chris…I smell a massive Full Kit Wanker alert.

  10. Guy says:

    ^Haha. Ouch.

    Louise is spot on, the team needs ownership, as it is currently owned by the NASL (as I understand it).
    Which is why the state legislature passing a bill authorizing state funding for a new NFL (National Football League (American Football (American “touchball/throwball”))) was very perplexing/infuriating towards Stars fans/MN football fans. It placed language in a bill granting exclusive rights to MLS team in the state/soccer franchise to use the new stadium as a home field, exclusively with the Vikings ownership.
    Unfortunately, same ownership who has repeatedly stated they have no desire to peruse running a football club in MN, they just wanted the rights to do so in the future. Not only is this monopolistic childish bullshit – but it prevents the potential sale of the team to new ownership due to the future legal ramifications (a.k.a costs).
    It almost like knowing you are going to wake up with a horrible hangover tomorrow but you can do nothing about it.

  11. Kt says:

    Kyle Altman. What a boss.

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