Venezuelan Club Have Match Abandoned After Angry Fans Storm Pitch Over Pink ‘Breast Cancer Awareness’ Kit

Chris Wright

30th, October 2012


By Chris Wright

The Venezuelan Premier League match between Deportivo Tachira and Atletico Venezuela had to be abandoned after a mob of angry Depor fans stormed the pitch in protest at their club’s conduct.

We’re not talking shady transfer dealings or soaring ticket prices, etc, here – oh no. We’re talking about Deportivo Tachira having the bare-faced temerity to mark Breast Cancer Awareness Month by wearing a one-off pink strip in the name of charity – specifically, the non-profit Senos Ayuda Foundation.

Up in arms over their beloved side not turning out in their usual black and yellow stripes, a cluster of fans took to the pitch, holding their shirts aloft and chanting about “defending their colours” (against the clear and present danger of non-profit charity organisations?) while riot police attempted to corral them back into the stands.

After nearly 30 minutes of nonsense, realising that fans would not be backing down any time soon, the referee then made the decision to abandon the match. The VPL are still deliberating whether to award Atletico the victory or re-stage the game on Wednesday night.

Nicely done chaps.

Photos: Deportivo Tachira

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  1. SwissMafia says:


    When have football fans become so intolerant and macho? In Switzerland we have a hockey team (Geneve Servette) which wear pink jerseys for the same cause twice a year. All fans (men and women) all dress in pink to support the foundation, and some even buy the jersey! AND THIS IS ICE HOCKEY! If Venezuelans are not comfortable enough with their own sexuality then that’s their own problem. No need to ruin a CHARITY event for breast cancer awareness over a silly color! What has the world come to…

  2. p says:


    you guys clearly have never read much into what the pink awareness stuff is really about, which is taking peoples money and hoarding it under the VERY POORLY CONSTRUCTED GUISE of helping breast cancer sufferers…

    in reality it does more for the accountants of the charities than it does for anyones breasts.

  3. SwissMafia says:

    @ p
    I beg to differ. But I guess it depends where in the world the cause is being held. Some areas are obviously more corrupt then others.

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