Fernando Llorente & Riccardo Montolivo Model Their Brand New, Personalised miAdidas Predators (Photos)

Chris Wright

2nd, November 2012


By Chris Wright

Riccardo quickly deletes his browsing history before the photoshoot

Adidas are rolling out their new ‘do-it-yourself’ boot lines with what they call an ‘on-pitch reveal’ this weekend, meaning that their phalanx of card-carrying players will be taking to the field in their respective matches all with their tootsies adorned in bespoke boots they’ve helped design and customise personally using the miadidas feature over at their online store.

Those of you who follow Pies diligently on Twitter (if not, why not?) will know that Adidas have designed us a pair specially daubed in the colours of the site. There’s a photo here. Super duper snazzy.

Any road up, let’s get to the main event. You’re hear to have a sneak peek at the designs Fernando Llorente and Riccardo Montolivo have come up with aren’t you. Away you go..

We also gotsa couple of videos should you be pining for more, starting with Llorente…


Via miadidas.