Cristiano Ronaldo Launches New Nike Collection, Including Jazzy New Mercurial CR Boots (Photos)

Chris Wright

6th, November 2012


By Chris Wright

Cristiano Ronaldo’s only gone and got himself a Nike special edition apparel line, featuring a range of various football kit and these rather splendid new Mercurials – Mercurial Vapor VIII CRs to be precise – complete with Ron’s new little loveheart logo on the heel…

“The logo features a heart (representing a love of winning) overlaid with an X (representing a hatred of losing), to reflect CR’s philosophy on and off pitch.”

Yeeeuck! Please excuse us while we find something to chunder in. Anyway, here’s the man himself all dolled up in his new togs…

We’re liking those new Mercurials, all except the gruesomely trite logo explanation anyway!

They’re a lot less gaudy than they’ve been of late. Personally, we were beginning to tire of all the ‘electric mango’ and ‘dangerous neon green isotope fart’ boot colourways flashing around on our televisions every weekend.

Good to see a bit of good old-fashioned black thrown back into the mix. Very smart.

What do we make of it all Pies people? Do you like?