Shit Football Kits: Croatia’s Garish Half-And-Half ‘Keeper Kit, 1996

Chris Wright

22nd, November 2012


By Chris Wright

What you’re looking is Croatia’s gruesome goalkeeper shirt from early 1996, which looked like the top half was designed by a teenage girl using those plastic beads you bake in the over and the bottom half was lifted from the floor of the library in The Pagemaster…

Poor old Marijan Mrmic, it all got too much for him…

Thankfully however, for Mrmic’s sake Croatia ditched their eyesore of a keeper kit in time for Euro 96 in favour of this serene beauty…

It’s a wonder any goalkeepers made it out of the 1990s with their retinas still attached.

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  1. Kathies says:

    Now that’s an excelent design for a keeper shirt! It’s so ugly the strikers’d all aim at it!

  2. tomislav says:

    the upper half of the shirt is taken from the traditional bags they used to have in the southern region, dalmatia. my mother has such one. the other is maybe inspired by something from the north, zagreb maybe

  3. Jarren says:

    Maybe the idea was to make strikers so appalled by the fashion faux pas that they aimed for the keepers instead of the net?

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