Nike Roll Out New England 2013/14 Away Kit (Photos)

Chris Wright

26th, May 2013


By Chris Wright


We’ve already seen Nike’s first stab at an England home kit – which divided opinion like nobody’s business – and hot on the heels comes their maiden foray into England’s away kit.

As with the home equivalent, it’s plain red and smart (with a polo-style button-up collar) in a minimal kind of way, while bordering ever so slightly on looking like something from a training/leisure line…

For some reason they don’t seem particularly keen to show us, but the shorts are plain white and the socks are mostly red with a smidge of white detailing.

We’re firmly in the “it’ll do” camp without being overly enthusiastic, though, as we said about the home kit, we imagine a close-up look might tip us over the edge into actually liking the thing.

Time will tell.