Crafty Builders Hide Portsmouth Shirt In Wall While Working At Southampton’s New Training Ground (Video)

Chris Wright

16th, July 2013


By Chris Wright

A wave of very mild ire has swept through Southampton fans this morn after a video emerged of a couple of crafty Portsmouth fans planting a Pompey shirt within the walls at the Saints’ brand new training complex, which is currently under construction in Marchwood.

The video shows the builders hanging a Portsmouth shirt and scarf inside the plasterboard in an office in the new two storey pavilion being built alongside the training pitch at Marchwood as “a nice little surprise for ‘the scum’ (as the off-camera narrator so delightfully puts it) should they ever decide to take the wall down”…

Of course, by videoing the whole event and posting it proudly online, the builders have also provided Saints fans/employees with wonderfully clear instructions as to exactly where the Pompey shirt is hidden, so we don’t expect it to remain concealed for very long.