Shit Football Kits: Arsenal’s Hideously Gaudy (And Quilted) ‘Big Red Star’ Goalkeeper Shirt, 1995

Chris Wright

20th, September 2013


By Chris Wright

Would you just look at the state of that…


Quilted for comfort.

There doesn’t seem to be any irrefutable photographic evidence that David Seaman ever wore this gaudy monstrosity out in public back in the halycon days of disgusting goalkeeper shirt design – the mid 1990s – though we did manage to dredge up one image of Seamo wearing something incredibly similar (from the back at least) while meeting future fellow England international Andy Hinchcliffe for the first time…


Indeed, Seaman seemed to prefer the altogether more dapper black and grey version of the “big star” kit, which he sported in Paris as Nayim’s half-way line super hoofer sailed over his head and nestled in the back of the net during the 1995 Cup Winner’s Cup final.

Soccer - Cup Winners' Cup - Final - Arsenal v Real Zaragoza - Parc des Princes, Paris

Not that it’s much better, mind you.

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(Image via Guardian Witness)