Shit Football Kits: Rosario Central’s Hideously Gaudy ‘Moustache Man’ Strip

Chris Wright

14th, November 2013


By Chris Wright

We’re not entirely sure that Rosario Central ever took to the pitch wearing this aberration, and we also suspect that it isn’t official merchandise due to the lack of a kit supplier’s logo – but still, just look at it…


The moustachioed gentleman emblazoned across the front of Rosario’s hideous camiseta is actually popular Argentinian slapstick comedian Alberto Olmedo: a lifelong supporter of the club (it is said that Che Guevara was a Rosario fan too) and a man who’s image is regularly used by fans on banners, etc.

To that end, we’re guessing this is probably an unofficial jersey made specifically for the Rosario fans, but that’s no excuse – just look at it…!!!

Indeed, while the main offender may not be anything to do with the club in an official sense, it’s not like Rosario haven’t had some truly abysmal kits of their own doing down the years…






Good grief.