Didier Drogba And Emmanual Eboue To Be Punished Over Nelson Mandela Tribute Shirts

Chris Wright

9th, December 2013


By Chris Wright

Turkey Mandela Global Reax

In what just may well be the most egregious lengths the rules of football have ever been taken to, Galatasaray pair Didier Drogba and Emmanuel Eboue are likely to be punished by the Turkish FA for revealing undershirts with tributes to Nelson Mandela on them after their side’s 2-0 win over Elazigspor on Friday night.

Drogba unveiled a vest which read ‘Thank You Madiba’ while Eboue’s similarly-themed message read ‘Rest In Peace Nelson Mandela’.

However, the Turkish FA are knee-deep in a crackdown to deter players and fans from using political expressions, imagery and banners at games and, as such, the Ivorian duo are reportedly due to be sanctioned for their heinous pro-Mandela sloganeering.

Camp Drog says…


“I’ll wear my FRANKIE (Lampard) SAYS RELAX shirt next time and really show you BIIIIITCHEEEEEEES!!!!”

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  1. JoeT says:

    Not saying what Mandela did was wrong and I dont want to start a political debate but he and his party did kill innocent people but many people look past that and some people cant so him doing this is a political statement and if he is allowed this others will follow. And if they let them off they are saying they completely agree with what he did, kill innocent people, whether he should have or not is another story…because if he didn’t rsa may still be segregated.

    • WHAT says:

      Yes Mandela’s party did violently protest their oppression but if you check the history books black people in South Africa were violently, senselessly and brutally murdered because of the colour of their skin including young children.

      Not condoning what either side did but the man was jailed for 27 years in trying to win freedom for his people and upon being released FORGAVE his oppressors and fought for freedom for all races in South Africa and NEVER harboured any hatred towards the regime who had so violently and vehemently hated the black South African!!!! WELL PLAYED DROGBA AND EBOUE!!!!!

  2. daz says:

    @JoeT how isnt that starting a political debate you twat

  3. Murray says:

    Joe, how come whenever anyone says, “I don’t want to start a political debate…” an inflammatory remark that’s more-than-obviously going to spark a rebuttal? If you wanted to giver yourself the appearance of possessing even a HINT of sincerity, why wouldn’t you just shut up and keep to yourself?

    In any case, no, I can’t find any evidence anywhere that “he”, personally, had involvement in the murder of even one human being. And, no, you DO want to start a fucking debate.

  4. Skeptical says:

    JoeT…Really? You don’t want to start a political debate? That’s tough to believe given the comment you’ve posted.

    Also, the Turkish FA’s decision to enforce the rule or not, whichever they choose to do, doesn’t speak to whether they agree with “what he did.” It will have much to do with whether they think they can enforce the rule with credibility in the future, if they do in fact provide some lenience in this instance. Best case scenario, Drogba and Eboue accept (and easily pay) what turns out to be minimal fine as the cost of a gesture that was well worth it…and the Turkish FA can continue to dissuade other, possibly less righteous gestures, with the still valid threat of a fine.

  5. Gazz says:

    @JoeT -Well said

  6. Damien says:

    Get your facts right.Mandela and the ANC didn’t kill anyone,they sabotaged strategic government set-ups. For example,electricity pylons,water reservoirs etc…no innocent or guilty people were killed during his “reign of terror”.Totall bull.So was apartheid.

  7. RuSerious? says:

    “And if they let them off they are saying they completely agree with what he did”

    I’m not saying, but… the old “but”. You do know that the use of that word implies you do agree with what you are about to say.. A half hearted disclaimer preceeding the “but” doesn’t mean much at all.

    Using your logic, civillian casualities incurred from the violence perpetuated by the french resistance esentially makes them dirty terrorists. Lets not lose all sense of perspective because of some misguided moral stance and forget who he was fighting.

  8. Adolph Hitler, Sr. says:

    Even I realized that in order to maintain Aryan power, I had to kill everyone who did not fit before they got tired of living under my boot heel and would rise up. I wasn’t going to take the chance that the good German people would become innocent victims of terrorists.

    And those damn UK based American bombers! Day and night! WTF?

  9. AE says:

    @JoeT Funny that you can accuse Mandela for killing innocent people and ignore the oppression and innocent killings that took place by the White Ruling Party before that. I am not racist towards white or black. In fact, i am Indian, but you cant accuse Mandela for something and not accuse the reason for what he did. What Drogba and Eboue did is nothing short of what was expected from people who see Mandela as a father and their leader. Whilst there needs to be a line in football for political expression, i think this may have crossed it a fair bit.

  10. Steve-o says:

    It could have said “The Turkish FA is the greatest ever!” and he’d still get a fine from the Turkish FA. It’s naive of you, Pies, to call this “the most egregious lengths the rules of football have ever been taken to.”

    I don’t want to turn this into a political debate, so I won’t.

  11. Chris says:

    Why not honour the man with a minutes applause instead of trying to flaunt a simple directive. Or better still bring out a huge banner before or after the game?

  12. Amsterdamadrista says:

    In the words of Didier Drogba (After the CL Exit against Barcelona):

    IT’S A F*****G DISGRACE!!!

  13. Jarren says:

    Hold on a second, the Nike logo is still visible on Drogba’s vest.

    Surely that makes it OK?

    I mean, the whole clampdown on players removing their shirts is because the sponsors don’t get maximum exposure at the time of goal celebrations.

    So in this case, Drogba has paid his respects to one of the world’s most influential figures and Nike can get to sell more vastly overpriced shoes made by desperate starving children at the same time.


  14. Room101 says:

    Spot on Steve-O.

  15. Kingsland 101 says:

    At least Drogba and Eboue are in a position to give praise to Mandela. He clearly affected their lives for the better. What I can’t stand is people jumping on the bandwagon for their own political means. I wonder if Nike made that shirt as it is in the picture; I very much doubt that Didier stitched the letters on himself. This picture is everywhere now, getting Nike exposure and falsely putting across the message that they somehow follow the morals and values he promoted.

    Political bit – It’s a bit like David Cameron saying how amazing Thatcher (who supported apartheid) was one month and then coming out and saying how great Mandela was the next. At his funeral all the speakers were just promoting their own image, apart from maybe Obama who stood out because he actually knew the guy. My political argument here is it’s all far too political. At least we know Drogba and Eboue are genuine, as they have no reason not to be.

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