Intel Agree £15m Sponsorship Deal To Slap Their Logo On The INSIDE Of Barcelona’s Shirt

Chris Wright

12th, December 2013


By Chris Wright

Global computer processor giants Intel Corp have announced today that they have struck an ‘innovative’ five-year sponsorship deal with Barcelona that will see the firm pay £15million ($25million) to have their logo displayed on the inside of the Catalan club’s jersey.

As you’ve probably already guessed, the concept is a) to get around Barca’s precedent of not allowing non-charitable organisations to slap their logo on their sacred blaugrana shirt, and b) to have the Intel logo displayed every time a player yanks his shirt up to celebrate a goal.

Meh. Burger King did it better…


Getafe, in case you were wondering.

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  1. Zam says:

    Pretty clever though, “Intel inside”.

  2. Doctor's Your Uncle says:

    Barcelona does not have “precedent of not allowing non-charitable organisations to slap their logo on their… shirt”
    The original deal with Unicef was brokered to get the fans used to see a sponsor on the front of the shirt, so a purely commercial sponsor later could be added with a minimum of resistance.
    The plan was thought out by a danish marketing director who used to work for Man U, and he has freely admitted the above mentioned strategy in danish media.
    Qatar Airways are hardly a “charitable organisation”. Get your facts straight, instead of spreading the usual “mes que un club”-bulls***.

  3. Giancarlo says:

    Well done @Doctor’s Your Uncle. SO tired of Barcelona propoganda machine

  4. Peter Griffin says:

    @Doctor’sYourUncle: Relax. It’s not about not having a charitable organization on the front of their shirt. It’s about not having more than two logos and thus ruining the design of the shirt. And even if the idea behind Unicef was to eventually get a commercial sponsor, you must realize that they were pretty late in the game of putting a sponsor on their shirt. There is still a precedent there. That’s not to say that your opinion about the ‘mes que un club’ rhetoric being hypocritical is unfounded or wrong. But the argument is certainly more nuanced than the simplistic ‘bull***’ you are so self-assuredly spreading.

    Also, @WhoAteAllThePies the implication that the 15 million is an outrageous amount by highlighting that the logo will go on the ‘INSIDE’ of the shirt is blind to the fact that the value for the company is probably not so much about having the logo somewhere on the jersey, but rather about being associated with the name, stadium banners, Barcelona sponsored advertisements, and the usual list of things that goes along with signing a corporate partnership.

  5. Doraemoninho says:

    Unicef–>Qatar Foundation–>Qatar Airways—>Intel

    Barca, stealthily selling itself out since 2006. I imagine that eventually football kits will look like Formula One racing uniforms, covered with sponsors from head to toe.

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