Nike And Adidas Unveil Hideous New One-Piece ‘Boot/Sock Hybrid’ Football Boot Designs (Photos)

Chris Wright

6th, March 2014


By Chris Wright

This day we have seen the future of football boots and the future, dear Pies fans, is bloody ugly.

First up, we have the new Magista from Nike, which is steadily being unveiled as we speak.

As can be plainly seen, the Magista features a “boot+sock combo” all-in-one design, as modelled here by Andres Iniesta…



(Image via @FCBarcelona and @nikefootball)

Also, Adidas have been in touch to inform us that their new concept boots will be “onesies” too – with this picture of the new PrimeKnit FS boot-sock hybrid mutant thing landing on our doorstep earlier this morning…


No, just…no.

We are led to believe that both the Nike Magista and Adidas PrimeKnit boot/sock/NFL cleat monstrosities are being considered as ‘concept models’ at the moment – lets hope it stays that way, eh?

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  1. Booms says:

    After having a ruptured achillies in my playing days and still feeling the enjoyment of it now i can see the logic in these over bandage support and protection … but if i wore these on a sunday i have a feeling id have alot more injuries sustained then my dodgy heel

  2. Michael_D says:

    Go home, Nike, you’re drunk

  3. Zam says:

    Iniesta looks delighted by them.

  4. porcelain sandwich says:

    I really don’t see the point. Surely it’s not for convenience? It doesn’t take that long to put a sock AND a shoe on.

    • Chris says:

      @porcelain sandwich: As far as we can tell, it’s primarily for support and protection, i.e, integrating the ankle pads from your shinpads into the boot itself.

      Which still doesn’t make it right, mind you!

  5. Mark says:

    I just fnarfed a little bit in my mouth

  6. Rob says:

    If FIFA are currently making players wear the same colour tape/strapping around their socks then I can hardly see them allowing the Adidas ones. Then again they gave Qatar the World cup so I’m sure they can be “persuaded” in some way.

  7. TravisKOP says:

    a good friend of mine works for nike and said when iniesta heard they were to change the CTR’s for this he replied, “please leave it. the boot is perfect as it is”

  8. Sean says:

    I think it’s a good idea for one reason, it will help stop a shin pad without an ankle sock on stop riding down on to the top of the boot ” every players nightmare lets just hope they still perform as the boot that’s needed for feel skill touch & power ? !!!!!!!!!!

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