Mario Balotelli Interviews Mario Balotelli About His World Cup Memories And The Like… (Video)

Chris Wright

28th, May 2014

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By Chris Wright

As part of the promo push for Puma’s new odd-coloured pink and blue evoPower Tricks boots, they’ve had several of their shiniest poster boys interview themselves – with Mario Balotelli grilling Mario Balotelli about his World Cup memories, the power of self-belief, his opinion of the current Italy squad and just who is the coolest guy in the Azzurri fold right now (spoiler: it’s this guy) among other things…

Puma have produced a series of these little Q&As, starring the likes of Marco Reus…

Cesc Fabregas…

… and Sergio Aguero…

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1 Comment

  1. Jarren says:

    Balotelli’s a funny guy. You can’t take him seriously (off the pitch).

    If he had a serious demeanour he would come across as a tosser, but there’s something about him that’s endearing.

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