Juventus Players To Be Awarded Fancy Silver ‘Superbowl-Style’ Scudetto Winners Rings (Photos)

Chris Wright

5th, June 2014


By Chris Wright


Having sewn up their 30th Serie A league title on the back of a record-obliterating season last time out, Juventus are celebrating the club’s momentous achievement by awarding their players with silver “Superbowl” style rings, each one customised to bear the recipient’s name and squad number as well as an onyx gemstone.

As if Andrea Pirlo needed any more help looking like a suave son-of-a-gun…


(Images via Facebook/Sport Mediaset)

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  1. Ross says:

    Fantastic season for them and a fitting way to remember it. I remember Camp Drogba made rings for his Chelski team mates after they won the Champs League too, looks to be happening more often than not.

  2. Sjakie Meulemans says:

    Just when you thought Pirlo couldn’t look any better, he put on sun glasses. I would turn gay if he asked me to.

  3. Ron says:

    It’s a very, very bad thing when other sports take their cues from the NFL or NBA. Both of those leagues are fucking garbage. I could watch them when I was growing up, but now they’re just corporate shitshows that are boring, scripted, and so fucking slow. Plus, most of the fans are total assholes.

    You now see beards on cyclists, I think taking cues from NBA and MLB idiots. NFL rings in the Serie A…not good news.

    Just say NO to letting American sports dictate your choices, as they’re all fucked up. Even the NHL is starting to get fucky, now that it’s gaining popularity.

    • pedja says:

      after the first look at it (and signore pirlo below) u have to say: cool though.
      but thinking outside of this box, i fully agree on what u say! taking football a side the “american way of life” is thrown on us as the ultimate truth,which is faaaar away from.however, in sports,honestly they have no etiquete…just for example: their biggest sport event is undoubtly the super bowl.but on following monday i hear more news about the half time show than about the match.i understand veterans (henry,marquez,keane etc.) to go there and hustle some money with 35+ (and educating them with some football culture) but to cite you “Just say NO to letting American sports dictate your choices,as they’re all fucked up”

  4. Ando says:

    ^ and ^ are xenophobic pieces of trash that has to bash America to feel good. Bet if you got those rings you wouldnt be saying shit.

  5. Joe says:

    What about the other 29 teams that made up the 30 titles? Do they each get a ring as they were part of the acheivment?

    It’s so naff isn’t it? Like others have said, we need less influence from America not more.
    It’s not entitirely the USA’s fault though. What they do, they do well. It’s only when other supposedly more grown-up countries adopt their methods that things go stupid, because they don’t adopt their systems wholesale. For example, eight-figure contracts for players is fine (I guess), so long as their isn’t also a transfer-fee system in place. Wrong again Europe. Another example; The draft system in the USA (whereby the poorest team in the season gets first pick of the best new young players from college) keeps from teams developing a monopoly. Does not exist in Europe. One more example? Names on the back of shirts – quite handy when you regularly rotate the players during a game, like basketball, baseball, NFL. Just a vanity trip and a way of turning football into the celebration of individuals rather than the sum of the whole team when applied to European football.

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