Blackburn Rovers Produce ‘So Bad, It’s Really Really Bad’ New Kit Advert (Video)

Alan Duffy

15th, July 2014


By Alan Duffy

This video is actually made by actual professionals. Really! Enjoy the sky-high production values as Blackburn Rovers fan Alan ‘Birdy’ Birkbeck prepares for what seems to be a big date with a lady. Indeed, we see a photo of a woman in a Blackburn Rovers shirt, but she looks young enough to be his granddaughter, which adds another level of tawdriness to the proceedings.

Anyway, ultimately, Birdy is really preparing to purchase then ew Rovers shirt. This is a classic video. File under ‘so bad, it’s good’ or arguably ‘so bad, it’s really really bad’. Well done Venky’s and co.!

(Video: Blackburn Rovers FC)