13-Year-Old Fan Puts All Of His Newcastle Shirts On Ebay Because He Supports Man City Now

Chris Wright

18th, August 2014


By Chris Wright


Edward Mellor: a turncoat in the eyes of the footballing gods

A young football fan has bunged his large collection of Newcastle United replica kit on Ebay because he’s fed up of the Toon treading mid-table water and, as such, has changed his club allegiance ahead of the new season.

Edward Mellor from Prestatyn in North Wales, decided that on the eve of his 13th birthday he would become a Manchester City fan.

His mum, Katie Mellor, was then tasked with flogging Edward’s wardrobe full of Newcastle kit on Ebay:  a job lot of 20 shirts, five pairs of shorts and two pairs of socks.

The Ebay listing even reads: “Genuine reason for sale as my son now supports Manchester City!”

Apparently young Edward has changed teams as he wishes to go to games with his dad and older brother both of whom are City fans, with mum Kate explaining to the Chronicle:

“They support Man City, whose ground is much easier to get to from here.

“To get to Newcastle it’s about five hours by train and you have to change numerous times, whereas it’s a direct route to Manchester from here.”

Edward himself then added:

“It’s been fun supporting [Newcastle] but also a bit frustrating.

“I’m not changing because City are more successful.

“I just want to go to games with my dad and brother and support the same team.”

Pressed about his divided loyalties before Newcastle and Man City met on the opening weekend of the Premier League season, Edward replied: “No. I want City to win as I’m a City fan now.”

That’s the spirit!

The listing is still active on Ebay with the current asking price hovering at £85 with roughly four hours left to go…



(Via Chronicle)

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  1. Harry Corbett says:

    Good intelligent boy.

  2. London Broncos Rugby League Fan Ecstatic Over Our First Win in 11 Months :) says:

    Can’t blame the kid for wanting to go to games with Dad and Bro. Surprised it took him this long to realise footy is more about who you go with to make the day, especially Family. How comes he supported Newcastle anyways? Did he have Family connections? Except Prestatyn FC or Wrexham FC perhaps?

  3. Joe says:

    Fair enough to the lad, if he’s wanting to go to the match with his family. If anything, they could be the glory hunters in this story!
    Oh well, he’s sacrificed a future of frustration, heartache and memories of the some of the best days out of his, for a ticket to the big show.
    Good luck kid. It takes something special or insane to stick with the Toon.

  4. fnarfy fnarf says:

    “Genuine reason for sale as my son now supports Manchester City!”

    Your son is a little shitcunt.

  5. Bob says:

    I wonder if the decision would have been so easy if his family supported Crewe Alex or the like?

  6. BiffaBeercan says:

    To be fair, they should all be supporting Prestatyn FC!

  7. paul whelan says:

    good lad you know it makes sense

  8. Tyler says:

    Probably the first of many. Because of, ya know, plastics. Plastics everywhere.

  9. Geoff says:

    Everyone has the right to reinvent themselves, but very few have the balls.

  10. Anonymous says:


  11. tonnarmytexas says:

    Joe’s got it about right. Special kind of insane. No regrets here though. I’ve been insane for most of my life.

  12. Alex says:

    Absolutely irrelevant because he’s not a real fan, a real fan can’t help who they support, I support Newcastle and I’m stuck with them.

  13. PetrovskyKSC says:

    Tyler nailed it.

  14. Nuttybott says:

    A proper supporter cannot change their team, any more than they can change who their mother is. Anyone who does is a glory hunter, pure and simple.
    Mind you, anyone who continues to follow football in its present day state is a total prat anyway…

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