River Plate Do The ‘Ajax’ Thing And Have Players Personally Deliver New Shirts To Fans’ Houses (Video)

Chris Wright

30th, October 2014

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By Chris Wright

Call us sentimental old tarts, but we love little things like this.

Here’s River Plate doing the old “Ajax” thing and having their players; namely Teo Gutierrez,  Leonardo Ponzio and  Fernando Cavenaghi (remember him?); head out to personally deliver the club’s new shirt to fans who had pre-ordered it online.

It’s all en español so apologies if you’re not fluent, but the jist is still readily gettable…

It was all part of a campaign designed to plug River’s new online shopping store, but there was still time for impromptu kickabouts were enjoyed…

Lovely stuff.

(Via Eurosport)