Worrying Trends: Delirious Arsenal Fan Spotted Wearing Entire ‘Half-And-Half’ Football Kit…

Chris Wright

4th, December 2014


By Chris Wright

It wasn’t long ago that Pies first voiced our concern that the plague of the half-and-half shirt had truly befallen us, but it would appear that the sickness runs much deeper than we first postulated.

Spotted milling around the bowels of The Emirates before Arsenal’s 1-0 win over Southampton last night, this fan was presenting even more worrying symptoms.

Not only was the Emmanuel Petit lookalike suffering from a chronic case of half-and-half shirt, but the poor bugger also had nasty cases (possibly the worst we’ve ever seen) of half-and-half shorts, socks and trainers to match…


Poor, poor sod. He needs quarantining immediately.

(Via Metro)