COMPETITION! Design your own retro football t-shirt

Ollie Irish

28th, April 2007


Pies has teamed up with the excellent folk at Retro Football T-Shirts to create a competition that will bring out the Tony Hart in all of you.
We’re asking you to design your own retro football t-shirt. The best design will then win a 100% unique t-shirt with your own creation printed on the front of it. Cool, huh! Check out their website (link above) to see the sort of t-shirts they sell, then come up with your own design. Click below for more details & to see the competition rules…

Generally you’re free to come up with any design you like. There are a couple of things you need to know though:
1 Nothing offensive (swear words, libellous allegations etc!) on the t-shirt
2 Maximum of three colours in your design
3 No official club logos allowed
4 No images of current players allowed (this is a retro t-shirt after all!). Retired players, however, are fine
5 Designs should be approximately 936 x 1176 pixels
6 Your design can be for any club (not just Premiership) and feature any ex-player
7 The design doesn’t necessarily have to be for a specific football player, but must be based around a retro football theme
And that’s about it. The rest is up to your imagination – if you’re a Plymouth fan and you want a pic of Tommy Tynan’s head on the front of your t-shirt with the word ‘Tommy’ underneath, rustle something up on your computer…
Then email your designs to The winner will have their t-shirt made into a unique design by RetroFootballT-Shirts. And what a lovely prize that is, I’m sure you agree.
Closing date is Friday 4th May, so get cracking…