Football Art: Brilliant Football Shirt Designs Inspired By Classic Rock Bands (Photos)

Chris Wright

2nd, June 2015


By Chris Wright

Hark at these corkers, as cooked up by La Casaca (@LaCasacaBlog), i.e, the very same chaps that brought us those similarly drop dead gorgeous fine art-themed football shirts a month or so back.

Basically, as part of their #RockBasedShirts project, La Casaca have designed football shirts inspired by a raft of classic rock bands.

Each shirt in turn is inspired by a classic album of the band in question, with the original track listings included inside the collar where the washing instructions would usually be!

Let’s dive in, shall we?

The Beatles (Yellow Submarine)…


David Bowie (Aladdin Sane)…


Radiohead (Amnesiac)…


The Clash (London Calling)…


Daft Punk (Random Access Memories)…


The Rolling Stones (Sticky Fingers)…


Oh, the zip is a nice touch!

Wow. We’d pay happily good/verging on stupid money for most of those little beauties – if, of course, they actually existed!

There are more glorious images to peruse over at the La Casaca site.

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