Puma ‘EvoSPEED SL 3D Camo’ Boots Weigh Next To Nothing And Only Last For 10 Games – Though They Do Come With Free Pair Of 3D Glasses (Photos)

Chris Wright

29th, June 2015


By Chris Wright


What you see afore ye are the new Puma EvoSPEED SL 3D Camo boots currently being sported by Sergio Aguero and the like.

They are the limited edition version of the new EvoSPEED SL line – the ‘SL’ standing for ‘super light’ – and they are just that.

In fact, one boot weighs just 103 grams – about as much as a baby Java mouse deer to put that into some kind of context for you.

They’re actually the second lightest football boots on the market behind Adidas’ latest ‘Crazylight‘ boots which weigh in at 99 grams, chiefly because they’re almost see-through and basically made from clingfilm.

Strangely enough, the Puma 3D Camo boots come bundled with a free pair of 3D glasses to help your foolish eyes make sense of the dazzling motif…


Here, have a closer look – but don’t blame us if it results in you ending up with a permanent squint…


The best/most appalling bit? The EvoSpeed SL actually comes with a disclaimer stuck on the bottom in which Puma openly admit that, because they’re so pathetically thin, the boots are only expected to last for 10 games before they disintegrate…