Roma’s Debonair New 2015/16 Away Kit Features Historical Map Of Rome City Centre (Photos)

Chris Wright

30th, June 2015


By Chris Wright


As well as being an absolute Bobby Dazzler in its own right, the new Roma away kit for 2015/16 is a little bit special in another, altogether more subtle way.

Upon closer inspection, the mottled white shirt is not just infused with a random splotchy pattern, oh no.

Draw nearer…


Nearer still…


WOAH! Hold your horses pilgrim! That’ll do.

As you can hopefully see, the new Roma jersey features an embedded map of the city’s historical centre…


“This new kit is infused with AS Roma’s pride in its city, its unique spirit and its status as a true club of the people,” explains the Nike blurb.

“A light grey tonal graphic print on the front of the shirt connects the club to Rome’s heralded architectural wonders, ancient streets and vibrant neighbourhoods.”

How sweet is that, we ask you? ‘Extremely bloomin’ sweet’, should be your response – not that the lads seem overly enthused by it…


(*Not pictured: Ashley Cole, just out of shot)