Rayo Vallecano Pay Tribute To ‘Society’s Unsung Heroes’ With Life-Affirming New Away Kit (Photo)

Chris Wright

1st, July 2015


By Chris Wright


Pies’ favourite Spanish football team have once again cemented their place in our hearts with the unveiling of their new away kit for next season.

With love and equality very much in the air at the moment, Rayo Vallecano have produced a shirt that pays tribute to ‘the unsung heroes of society’ with each band on the rainbow sash representing a different aspect of social struggle.

€7 of each sale will also be put towards the Federation of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Persons campaign against intolerance.


If you’ll excuse our potentially shonky translation:

Red: People fighting against cancer.
Orange: People fighting for the integration of those with disabilities.
Yellow: People who refuse to lose hope.
Green: People who fight to protect the environment.
Blue:  People who fight against child abuse.
Pink:  People who fight against domestic and gender violence.
Gold: People who fight against homophobic discrimination.

God bless Rayo Vallecano, a fantastic little club doing fantastic little things!

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  1. Nick says:

    Sorry to be pedantic but just a little update on your translation; ‘con los que…’ means ‘with those who…’

    Great shirt and nice touch from a quality little club.

  2. EDub says:

    Wow … class. I’ll purchase one if I can find it online …

  3. James says:

    Stay classy Rayo. ^_^

    I, too, would like to purchase one of these beauts, but can find nothing on the interwebs… Not at the Rayo site or the Kelme site… but perhaps its too early?

    Did you have any luck EDub?

  4. jan smit says:

    Unsung – gays are evil paedo bastards

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