CD Guadalajara Follow Rayo Vallecano’s Lead With New Anti-Homophobia LGBT Home Kit (Photos)

Chris Wright

6th, July 2015


By Chris Wright


CD Guadalajara have become the second Spanish club to make a stand against homophobia by splashing the LGBT rainbow across the front of their new strip, following in the tolerant footsteps of Rayo Vallecano.

Third division side Guadalajara released their new home strip at the Madrid Pride festival over the weekend. The kit’s manufacturers, Hummel, have also confirmed that five percent of the sales will be donated to La Liga Acro Iris (La Liga Rainbow) – the charity that fights homophobia as well as all other forms of prejudice in Spanish football.

Here’s the launch trailer, all 15 seconds of it…

It’s a chap coming out of the closet, just in case you missed the super-subtle reference.

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  1. Paul says:

    It seems you post every new kit with the rainbow (which I support fully), in which case you should also give a mention to FC St. Pauli’s new away strip! It’s a bit more subtle, but it’s there (on the ends of the sleeves). I don’t think I have to introduce you, they’ve always been very progressive and anti-any sort of discrimination.

    I can’t post links, but on (German footy site) on the front page as I type this, an article starts with “Gestreift oder ganz schlicht:…”, and has pics of the new 2. BuLi kits.

    It’s in the slideshow somewhere. Also happens to be by hummel!

  2. Paul says:


    Not sure if this works, but if yes, replace the +’s with t’s, obviously. There’s more to it than I thought, as you’ll read in the description. Apparently, the way the brown fades to white is a statement on how there are more than two genders and anything in-between!

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