Lazio’s New 1980s-Inspired Away Kit Has An Enormous Blue Eagle On It (Photos)

Chris Wright

3rd, August 2015


Lazio’s new away strip for 2014/15. Handsome brute isn’t it? As you may have noticed it features a gigantic blue eagle across the chest. What’s not to like about that, pray tell?

The new strip, which is the partner piece for the similarly 1980s-inspired home kit that Lazio wore during the latter half of last season, will be aired for the first time in the Italian Supercoppa game against Juventus in China on Sunday.

As far as we can tell, the motto inscribed inside the collar, Noi L’Amiamo E Per Lei Combattiamo, translates as something like “We love to fight for you” – though we could be slightly wide of the mark there.

Here’s a couple more photos from Uruguayan football kit gurus Todo Sobre Camisetas

lazio-away-kit2 lazio-away-kit3 lazio-away-kit5

Yep, we like – especially the wonderful ‘clothes your Dad is wearing in old holiday photos’ theme that Lazio and Macron are running with at the moment.