Shit Football Kits: Spanish Side CD Guijuelo Up The Ante With New Ham-Themed Strip (Photo)

Chris Wright

13th, August 2015



When it comes to dreadful, dreadful football kits, the Spanish regional lower leagues have got it down to a fine art.

In the past we’ve been treated to broccoli-themed kits, and both beer and octopus-flavoured kits.

Why even just yesterday we were introduced to AD Caravaca de la Cruz’s new home strip – a retina-stinger of a kit that crammed as much regional symbolism into one outfit as is humanly possible.

Step forth into the light, CD Guijuelo.

Apparently the town of Guijuelo is famous for its Iberico ham, so perennial shit kit manufacturers Daen just picked up the (meat)ball and ran with it in their own inimitable style.

Here’s the full thing in all its hammy glory…


What Daen are doing with their kit designs. We love it.

Meat shorts? Genius.