Gareth Bale Reveals Exciting New Brand Logo, Features ‘Sporting Influences Framed Within Principles Of Luxury Design’

Chris Wright

8th, December 2015



What you’re looking at, dear people, is Gareth Bale’s exciting new brand logo which he now intends to plaster on things relating to his commercial platforms and partners.

This comes two years after Bale first attempted to copyright a logo with the intention of slapping his silly ‘love heart’ emblem on a range of leather goods and umbrellas.

Created in conjunction with London-based brand consultancy Brane, the new Bale logo apparently incorporates the Real Madrid forward’s playing number (11) and well as his heart finger gesture thing.

Mike Kramer, creative director at Brane, explained the subtle intricacies of the brave new logo thus:

From a design perspective our objective was to craft a modern and technically balanced marque, which translated Gareth’s playing style and reputation.

Our refinement process was geared around simplification; combining research with key elements from our initial concepts and distilling them into an elegant piece of design, which framed sporting influences within the principles of luxury design.

Which is, of course, utter bollocks from start to finish. Christ. You can also smell the smug self-satisfaction from here.

What Brane have actually done is charge Bale several thousand quid for a tepid rehash of the Autobots logo.


Money for old rope, this ‘brand consultancy’ lark.